Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In her Easter Bonet

I cant get my 4 year old out of her Easter dress she wore last year.

Girls cant wear pants, because pants r ugly...and girls are suppose to be pretty .

My dog wont come out of the closet and I have not even shaved her yet.

I cant get a job in this dinky city because as I have been told by 3 different companies..

oh, hon, your much to qualified to do this, you can get something that pays much better..and u will.

Granted, I have some mad skills with things, that I can not go into, because, well, I would have to kill u, and I'm sure u don't wanna die today..am I right?

Some of us have to keep our secrets....


I learned some things I need to take off my resume, and some of my wages from the past should not be discussed, because holy shit..

they get scared, they feel threatened, because they cant pay me THAT much...damn it, get outta here.

ya so...

Guess I should just reduce myself and go beg to be a Walmart worker, greeter would be nice......It would SOOOO impress Blondie cause she thinks being a greeter would be so cool.

hello asswipe, welcome to walmart...

thank u 4 shopping at this hole in the ground im sorry Target isnt closer..have a good day.

I can do that.

I want a job, I need out of my house...before I kidney punch someone.

Sometimes having madskills can back fire people....Keep that in mind.


Groovy Mom said...

No no no! You do not want to work for Wal-mart. Try hard to remember how you feel about that place when you're a customer. Do you really want to be obligated to spend hours at a time in that place?

Groovy Mom said...

Of course, if they let you come to work in pj bottoms and slippers, it might be worth it.

1 plus twins said...

what a role model you would be for blonde. she would think she has the coolest mom around!!! lol

Southern Sage said...

FFM: I get the same exact thing!!
Chicks see me and start to back out of red hot monkey love. Sigh they say damn due I didn't realize you were so sexy, your skillz are far more advanced than mine and I don't wanna letcha down!
Having mad skilz does suck sometimes!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well some of the people whom work there, have dandruff so bad and such body odor, im sure they wouldnt mind if I came in jammies.

no shit...I would be a God to her;)

I knew u would understand dude..

Shannon said...

That Wal-mart greeting is hilarious. My husband would go back to that store just to hear someone say that!

Fantastagirl said...

You don't want to work at wal-mart. really you don't.

Tom said...

Try the local airport....aviation is fun fun fun!! (and you don't have to be a genius...I've been at it 30 years..)
How about your own show on the local radio station? You take a dandy photo, so do some freelance for the local paper...But geez...not Walmart!

Scarlet said...

Am I the only one who doesn't believe you'll work at WalMart?

Get that Rick Savage guitar out and play w/ the boys. I still think your money's in the music or entertainment business. If you only lived in a bigger town.

You have the talent, the looks...but yeah, you have a family. You could make good part-time money writing for the paper...anything creative. That would be so you (I think so anyway).

Flip Flop Momma said...

do u think it would go over big?..hehe

damn...r u sure:)

we really have no local airport, plus, I know nuttin bout any of that..

Done the writing thing b4, never again.

I like your idea:)

Cliff said...

Maybe you could sing to them as they enter Walmart.
You know, do a small night club act.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well u know, this town is lacking some culture, so this may work;)

I can saranade the patrons as they head in...leave a hat near my feet and hope they drop pennies in, cause Walmart cant pay more then 8-9 an hour, and I cant be having that..I need the pennies to supplement my income.

CMB said...

I happen to think you are WAY too good for Wal Mart. Our Target has greeters - that would be cool. I too had trouble finding a job with my resume. People are weird. I told them I was willing to take a cut...still not having it.
Poor Dog.
Pretty girl.

Katie said...

Good luck finding something.

Patti said...

Yes I know exactly of what you speak. I didn't get the job I interviewed for because of the $$$ I make. Damn it. Lie if you have to! LOL

Janell said...

I'm with Scarlet; Get a writing job. Do a search on "professional blogging jobs." Seriously! They're out there!

And you and your hair look GREAT! Thanks for the pics.

Flip Flop Momma said...

a greeter at target?..I never heard of such a thing...wow..


I know, we need to lie, which sucks ass, but what can ya do?

oh, if u only knew...

metalmom said...

I got some mad skilz too but if I shared them with the world, it would be considered prostitution or some shit. What up wit dat?

Krystal said...

I hate to break this to you, but, ummmm, I just don't think you're Wal-Mart greeter material.


Don't hate me.