Friday, May 02, 2008

Lick it up

First off, don't make any smart comments about the day I have this posted for...There are two reasons for this..

1:that's my birthday and B : Cause I want to..

So its been a long freaking week and I am spent.

I drive an hour to the city daily and an hour back, not like there is a short cut for the way back, of course its the same damn a jackass.

I think I am the oldest one in the school.

One of the girls asked how old I was. I was like, u go ahead and guess.

She said 23.

I said..RIGHT ON.

Then we got to talkin, and she was asking how long I have been married, I told her 13 years. Then she said and u still like him?

Oh those tiny little 18 year old brains, so small, so dainty, so empty.

One girl noticed my Def Leppard tattoo on my back, and shes like, cool flag, whats it say?

I show her and she is totally confused.

Not only did she not know what the flag meant, nor what Hysteria meant, but she wasn't even sure who Def leppard was.

So Monday I am conducting a getting to know Lepps workshop...

damnit, I don't have time for this nonsense.

On the way home from class Friday it was raining and snowing, mind you the day before it was 80 degrees..but that's how this God forsaken state rolls, anyway, I had my wipers on. Cause that's what u do.

I noticed after a while the wipers would go at a different speed, without me touching it.

Then I started paying very good attention to this phenomenon, and realized it had to do with the speed I was driving.

When I slowed down, the wipers went slower, because I guess going 40 miles an hour in a rain/snow storm means you don't need your windshield cleaned any damn faster, but good God you travel at 60 and those babies cant keep up.

Who designs car features like this? I total boob that's who.

I'm still stewing about my concert experience, I know I need to get over it...But I cant, I tend to hold grudges for a while...I'm a jackass that way.

But thank God for my pal over there, she saved me.

Def Leppard fans can make the greatest friends, because we get it...and u people don't.

Lets see, what else was I going to say?

Did I tell you people think I'm 23?..

Shit, I think I covered that all ready...

Thats really been the ONLY highlight.


Karin said...

I am still sorry about your concert. People think you are 23 when it is close to your birthday, on my birthday a jerk hits my car and then asks me if my husband is my son, I think you are better off. I am not going to comment on what day it is on your blog I have different reasons for not wanting that day to be around any longer than it is. I hope it is a good day for you though.

just_tammy said...

Dang, you should be thrilled you are surrounded by simple minded 18 year olds! Give them your intro to Def Lep class and enjoy being 23 again. Of course that means Shaky married a 10 year old! Plus I think Karin has a point about her situation being a bit worse...

The only thing I have to say about it being May 2 already is I'm in big trouble since not only is your card late but so is my mom's! Crap!

Flip Flop Momma said...

the way my life goes, that will be about what happens on my B-day too..

Well, being surrunded by teens and twenty somethings gets a tad annoying after a while..

Oh Pale Girl was in Kansas when I was in Michigan, did u run into her at all?..ha

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to you! My baby will be eleven on May the third, so I will be a basket case next week. We also have middle school orientation to get through, ugh. I can think of worse things than looking 23, lol. I bet those nim-wits know some of the Leps songs, they just need reminding. Who better than the number one fan?

metalmom said...

Good luck with the Def Lep tutorial...will you put the same effort into your classwork? (Sorry-that's the mom in me talkin!)

Have a great 23rd birthday. You don't look a day over 22.

Southern Sage said...

Dang girl
And here I was thinking you were 20.
you're married too??
so young and already married!

Fantastagirl said...

Ya know for 23 you are looking pretty good! Kids these days...

gina said...

Well happy early birthday- sounds like you already got your present you sexy 23yo thing you.

it's so funny she didn't know who DefLepp was....I watching Girlicious the other night (don't ask) and one of the little twits got a Heart song to do, not just any Heart song mind you but What About Love and had never heard of it!!!?! And I'm pretty sure (based on her first reaction) the girl who got an EnVogue song had never heard of EnVogue either, but she recovered quickly.

You been sent by a higher power to school these young'ens.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well happy birthday 2 ur baby..11 is a rough age..haha

Metal Mom,
shit, u mean my school work should come first? I dont like the sound of that!

no, I am 20:)

Thanks, 23 is a good age:)

I have never heard of that show, I need to know what it is..

Scarlet said...

You 23 year olds crack me up!

Rock 'n Roll College w/ Flip Flop Momma...I can see it now; you're going to rock that place! They might not come out knowing anything about hair/make-up, but they'll know all the Def Leppard hits.

doozie said...

I think people tell me I look 23 so that I don't kill them because I look sort of mean.

I think I want to go to hair school too....i'm serious.

The wiper thing is cool, it was a year and a half before I realized my car stereo gets louder when I go faster. I'm retarded

doozie said...



Flip Flop Momma said...

ROck and ROll college is something everyone needs;)

GO....Seroiusly, if u want to go to beauty school, go. We can open a shop 2gether one day..

Oh and thanks for the motheruckingbirthdaywishes.

Foster Communications said...

I think you're entitled to hold on to that grudge for awhile.

18 year olds pretty much drive me nuts. I think I like kids til 6th grade then I don't need to talk to them for awhile unless they're related to me.

And a happy early birthday. You're turning 24 right? :)

Haphazardkat said...

OMG--your like, 23? Gawd your so old! *twirls a lock of my golden hair and stares over your shoulder humming a little tune*

Trukindog said...

Happy B-DAY chick, that's what us old guys call you little 23 year old hotties ya know!

1 plus twins said...

so did this mean you aren't posting all week long??? i have never heard of wipers doing that, i have heard of your radio volume going louder and softer according to speed but not wipers. that is crazy. you must have one fancy car. happy early birthday to us and if your 23 then shit i am only 26!!! that works for me!! lol

Groovy Mom said...

The last time I told someone to guess how old I am he said 45. The buttface. I learned not to ask people to guess anymore. It smarts.

I'd still be stewing about the concert thing too.

Tom said...

Geez...."kids" I'm 47 and work with some 20 somethings...I hate the "How did you do
_whatever_ back then?"
Funny what kiddos get all worked up over!

Gette said...

I get mistaken for faculty or staff on campus all the time. Only cool the first couple times...

Neurotic1 said...

I say we have a big celebration for your 24th. I mean, hell, you've accomplished alot. Loving the same guy for that long and everything!

Jeff said...

Man, sorry about the concert. You got gypped!

Hey, if it's really May 2nd in your world, tell me what the Powerball numbers will be on Wed. I'll split it with you.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yes, the big 24, im all giddy inside, party at my house!

u go 2 my school dont u?

ohh, im a hottie?..Ritchious!

yes, this is my post 4 the week, unless I can find time..

So u need to come here Friday, we are going to the local watering hole, there is a "zainy" dj, its gonna be a rockin time, we can get our faces on a poster..I mean only kick ass people have birthdays on may its just u and me honey!

ohh, I wouldnt like that either..yikes...that desreves a kidney punch.

them 20 somethings r nuttin but trouble, mark my words.

gosh, thats pretty bad..too bad it cant work 4 ur advantage..

party @ my house....lets celebrate..

and I will give u 2 eyebrows too..I promise;)

jipped is right...sonsabitches..

7-11-13-21-32 power ball.


KrazyMom said...

Is that so you can celebrate your birthday every day of this week? 23 huh? Damn, I like their way of thinking! Have a great birthday!!!!!

Freak Magnet said...

I gotta tell you that if someone pegged me for 23 I wouldn't be upset about anything - even Def! WOW! That was pretty awesome. Chin up lady! Come snow, retarded wipers or canceled concerts, you must be lookin' gooood! :)

dakotablueeyes said...

lol its like today's yougins are from another planet, course they probably think that about us too though

1 plus twins said...

man if i could i would be there in a heart beat!!

Dame Wonder said...

ooooh that distance of driving every day sucks! especially with the cost of gas. you may be the oldest in that class, but none of those younguns is as rocking as you. so what kind of fun stuff are they teaching in that class?

catscratch diva said...

Alrighty then. Where to start... Yes, cosmo girls are generally bubble heads, you need to teach them something.
Happy Birthday a few days early, I'll be back round Friday to say it again.

cathouse teri said...

Well Happy Birthday!

Oh and.. don't hate me for this.. but I wouldn't know what the Def flag means either. I'm just a retard about rock icons and symbols. Actually, I think I might just be a retard.

Flip Flop Momma said...

if im 23, so r u:)...cause im only a day older.

I was not upset when they said I was 23...It was the only highlight after all..haha

Negative on the looking good part though;)

another planet 4 sure..

if u leave now, u will be here in plenty of time.

today we did fingerwaves:)

it scares me 2 think I acted that way when I went to cosmo school the first time...but im sure I did..

How revolting..


The flag doesnt have a meaning other then its just kinda a trade mark:)

Patti said...

Okay i'll come back when I can stop laughing......


Wendy said...

Love it when people think I'm younger than I am! You go girl!

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday (late but sincere) And your Def Lep is going to be performing on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night. I have to laugh as I can't picture him on that show or you watching it. LOL

1 plus twins said...

i drove that once and won't ever do it again, i don't care how funny you are i am not doing it. lol you could buy me a plane ticket as a birthday present to both of us. lol

Flip Flop Momma said...

that hurts, its like being cut with a knife..


I know, it kinda makes ur day better.

your not late, in fact ur early, it isnt till Friday:)

I know about the dancing with the stars...I knew about it in Febaurary...I have never watched it, but Im tivoing it tommorw, u can bet ur bottom dollar on that one:)

They will rock the house down, u just watch!

wouldnt that be nice..

U should buy me a ticket THERE...ur weather is better:)

Cliff said...

Well I could swear I left a comment last night when I read all of this. I'm glad you don't carry a gun or there may have been a murder charge to deal with also.

Patti said...

You know I Pink Puffy Heart you I just have to give ya a hard time! Seriously you are one of the coolest peeps I know!

JoeInVegas said...

Hey, DL was here last Saturday - kept our spare room empty in case you came out for it, but didn't hear anything.

Bella said...

I love when the youngins think I'm all young and cool.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I do hope it's a great one!! Mine is in May too!!

Wethyb said...

No sooner I saw the date, you said that--I won't say anything :D

And, yes, many 18 yr olds are boobs (along with those car people). You couldn't pay me enough to be 18 again.

Autumn said...

23. Damn. Lucky girl. Happy Soon Birthday!

Humincat said...

Hey Laaaaaady! (happy birthday)

So Not The Bradys said...

Did you see Def Lep last night on Dancing with the Stars? I did by accident while flipping through the channels. I first thought, "Why the heck are people dancing?" It didn't occur to me until they were done singing what show I was watching.

That song brought back some memories. I think I was 19ish when it was on the charts.

aatank said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
To You!

Choppzs said...

Whooohoo 23? Good for you! lol
The chic was an airhead wasn't she?? lol

Oh and not knowing who Def Lepard is should be a sin! lol

Patti said...

One more day til' your Birfday!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

MamaMichelsBabies said...

Happy birthday chick!!!

And I wouldn't have noticed the date if you hadn't said anything about it.

23? Lucky brat.

Southern Sage said...

you're looking older right now it seems!

Flip Flop Momma said...

Thank u everyone..WIll post soon.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope is it a great one! Are you by any chance watching rock the cradle? I have been getting a big kick out of Jesse Blaze Snyder.

gina said...


Gette said...

Happy Birthday!

1 plus twins said...

happy birthday to us!! yippee!! have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Patti said...




(just picture me singing it to you in a breathy Marilyn Monroe-like voice mmmmkay?)

CMB said...

Yeah - you're back! WOO HOO! Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your 24th birthday :) I love the idea of a Def Leppard class. Every time I hear them on Hair Nation I think of you. I was signing Hysteria this morning. Sucks about your commute. Just remember it's all for a good cause.
Have a nice weekend birthday chick.

Dame Wonder said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKIN MOMMA!! WOOO-HOOO!! hope you're having a blast!

Scarlet said...

Happy, Happy Birthday 2 U!

Wethyb said...

Oh and, silly me, happy b-day!!!

Autumn said...

hAPPy bIRTHdaY, cutie pie.