Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well its been one of those weeks.

First I decided to switch schools. See, I was going to a full cosmetology school and in the end going to be forking out around 22,000. And the thought of paying that back made me have diarrhea. The kind that burns coming out...

I do not want to do hair, I have done that before, all I want is to do nails and facials..But this school mostly concentrated on hair..

SO I found a school that is going to cost me about 4,000 and its JUST esthetician classes. That is a fancy term for skin care, go ahead and google it if u want...

The downside is its at a college, so I can not start untill August.

Upside, its about 30 miles closer.

Downside, wont be done until March

Upside, thats ok, I dont care.

Then after im done with that, they offer the nail tech classes. So I will take that as well.

Which that is only about a 2 month program.

The whole stress of taking a loan for 22,000 was causing heart palpitations. I mean if I was buying a car or hell and male prostitute, thats one thing...

I just thought that the school was way over priced..I guess I was paying for the ambiance, because it was a gorgeous building of higher education.

I am still going to have to re-pay some of the money for the 3 weeks I went to this school, and I am hoping its not a lot, because frankly, I was not taught anything I didnt already know..


I got a new cell phone. And I hate it.

Lets see, what else...

My eldest child did a something I have never seen..

He ate some pizza.

Most of you will not understand the significance of that, and thats ok...To most they are thinking what 11 year old boy doesn't eat pizza?

Well this one..

He also came home from school with holes in his pants, clearly made by a pair of scirrors.

Kids are so damn stupid.

Blondie and Boo are coming along ok...

Blondie has boys after her that are her brothers age. Isn't that called statutory girl liking?

She is 8 for Petes sake...damn it..She might feel the need to wear a brazier, but thats cause she just wants to be like her momma.

I guess I have no news, so sorry for wasting your valuable time.

Carry on, nothing to see here.

Oh and what the hell, I tried publishing this for Thursday and it told me it would automactically be published Thursday at 15:22

So much for writing a post a day early..

God I hate peoeple...

Oh yeah, and I did pass my drivers test....

I knew u were dying to know that..


Tom said...

Great news re: the lad! You can make a ton of cash doing nails etc. on the dearly departed at you local funeral parlor.

Flip Flop Momma said...

I love me some dead people!!!!!!!

Tom said...

Yep, they won't bitch and moan or bore you with stories about thier no good son in laws

Scarlet said...

Did I miss something here?? Why dead people when you can work on the rich and famous? They tip better!

Congrats on your driver's test and I wish you luck getting back your $.

Fantastagirl said...

I'll let you do my nails... I've never had them professionally done -so when you open up shop let me know...I've waited 30 some years, I can wait until March.

Bella said...

Yay, you're now officially a Minnesotan.

Bella said...

Yay, you're now officially a Minnesotan.

Flip Flop Momma said...


u show me the rich and famous and I will be there...

I want u to be my first customer:)

yup....its sad but true..haha

Ok, i cant get to ur profile to get to aur blog, do u have one?

Dame Wonder said...

glad your new school will be closer.

so how did your son come to be eating pizza? my oldest acted like she didn't like pizza for years, but it was nothing but one of her control issue tricks. when she was 14 i started ignoring her and would order pizza with no substitute. guess what? she ate it, no problem!

congratulations on passing the driver's license test! woo-hoo!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well as u know from reading on my other blog, he has had issues with eating food since he was a baby..

The other night we went out to a pizza joint for dinner, and on the way there he said,,"think im gonna try pizza today"

and he did..i mean he only took a couple nibbets, but the point is, he did it..

Yeah, im not a loser, me pass drivers test..hehe

1 plus twins said...

hopefully you won't be the oldest at the new school!!! lol

dakotablueeyes said...

well its cheaper, that's a plus, its closer, meaning it will be cheaper on gas so that's another plus, so hey not having to fork out 22000 for it then I think it can wait til august which will be here before you know it lol

Shannon said...

I would LOVE to hear his explanation as to how the holes came to be in his pants, lol. Congrats on the license.

Rachel said...

Wow, big difference in the cost of the schools! I would get diarrhea too paying that much money. Scary!!!

Patti said...

Actually I was wondering about the drivers test and am VERY happy to hear you passed!
Yay for the boy and pizza! My kid doesn't like pizza much either.
Okay I can see doing the hair of dead people but their nails?
Couldn't do it. Nope. Not me. Too fainthearted!
I'm with ya on the $22,000 I think you made a wise/good choice!

Patti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flip Flop Momma said...

I am just gonna go expecting to be the mother figure again..haha


his explination was..

"i dont know why I did it"

I know..its enought o give anyone IBS huh?

yup, I finally passed..ha

Well he not only doesnt eat pzza, but he doesnt eat anything but 4 things, for the past 10 years..

He is specail that way..hehe

j;ust_tammy said...

Sorry to break it to you but Butch is definitely on his way to being a man! The whole 'I'm going to try pizza' which is great to the whole 'hole in the pants and I don't know why' bit is classic. You're so lucky!!!

Hope your new school is what you really want. Between the cheaper price tag and way less gas money, it's already sounding better. Heck, I about had heart failure when I saw gas here went up 22 cents over night. I have never had a pro do my nails or give me a facial. Sad but true...

Have a great weekend!

CMB said...

Congrats on the drivers test! I do not blame you for switching. Closer, cheaper, more what you want - so worth it.
Happy to hear about the pizza eating - YAY!

gina said...

oy- i don't know what to comment on- how bout, when you change the date to publish ahead- you also hAVE TO CHANGE THE TIME AND 1:52 IS JUST THAT- IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE 4 NUMBERS. hope that helps. Me giving advice when I can't even type with out hitting CAP lock. :)

So Not The Bradys said...

I'm surprised the prospect of paying back 22k didn't cause explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. Yikes.

What kind of cell phone did you get? Really, we must text sometime. (Read that in that haughty tone, like "we must do lunch sometime.")

IamDerby said...

Good luck with the new school...sounds much better cost wise. I love a deal. I also love how you would pay 22,000 for a male prostitute... I so agree, a girl has to have her priorities.

Bradley's Mom said...

I WAS dying to know that! I am SO glad you passed. We couldn't have you not being able to drive!!!

Sounds like a good move concerning the school change. No sense in learning what you already know!!

Good luck, my dear!


Trukindog said...

An 11 year old boy who don't like pizza, doesn't that make him some kind of freak ? Sorry just askin.

WOO HOO on the licence !

Haphazardkat said...

oh no no no no NO! I was with you on the new career change until Tom mentioned dead people as clients.
Girrrrrrrrrrrrl--I think its the stress of the previous loan amount and...and passing your drivers test (woo hoo! btw) that made you even THINK about doing something as creepy as painting dead peeps.

I once wanted to be a Bush pilot--seriously. That was until I had a conversation with an actual bush pilot and she explained that the main cargo is dead people.

OK. That was creepy enough--then she went on to explain how when you reach a certain altitude the bodies sit up and MOAN from the air trapped in their chests!!!!

oh HELL no!

I'm a Network Engineer now. The only thing moaning on my job is the whorish chick on the dual screen having herself a little cable guy visit.

Gette said...

Let me know via email when you get started, so I can come in and be your guinea pig.
Hopefully when you pay the other school you can keep the awesome kit.

Groovy Mom said...

Good call on the school, cheaper, closer, WIN WIN. :-) Congrats.

catscratch diva said...


I think you will be much happier in the long run.

Thinking Sage said...

well it seems all is well and good in your world!!
congrats on getting ur learners license!
y'all going parking?

Happy Mommies day, maybe the retards will be nice to you and one another for a whole day....

don't count on that though.

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Mother's Day

Scarlet said...

Have a GREAT Mother's Day!!

doozie said...

at least your kid didn't get suspended for fashioning a rusty shiv out of a crayola marker

gina said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Humincat said...

Happy Mothers Day!

JoeinVegas said...

Well, glad that you can still drive. And good work on changing class - I was concerned about that price, but hey, you live there and know what things cost.