Sunday, May 11, 2008

Have a nice day

Sorry for my absence, I know the blogger world can barley get by when I am gone like that. And I do apologize to you and yours.

From now on, I will only be posting about once a week as I have a life and well, its just not fun anymore.

There are people who come here and read who were never invited but somehow found the address on an old myspace blog or stalked me, I don't know..but they read it, and it makes it no fun.

I was thinking of going private, but that's a lot of work, and that's not what I want...

So im just going to blog once a week or so if I feel like it.

Some people have to ruin shit....I hate those kinda people.

You BIG poo poo diaper baby.


Anyway, moving along...

I have these things that happen to me allot, I will think about something, and BAM it happens.

Take for instance last summer I was driving down my street and these Robins kept flying near my car pissing me off. So one day I thought to myself, in my head, I hope I kill one.

Not more then two second later, one flew right into my windshield.

Things like that happen alot...

Yesterday morning I was in the tub. Ya no, getting clean.

A thought popped into my head just suddenly. It was by no means a pleasant thought, but a thought none the less.

I envisioned an episode that happened a year ago or so.

I was sitting at my computer and out of nowhere this BIG F-ing spider wrapped its big huge legs around my mouse.

This spider was clearish whitish color and was huge...Like mammoth size shit we are talking.

So, I had this in my head, recalling that nightmare.

I get out of the tub and BOOM, there is a huge spider climbing on my bathroom walls. He didn't realize his day was about to get real bad...

I just thought it was odd....I think im gifted or some shit, but I cant say for sure..

But im pretty goll dang sure.

Hey, wanna see whats in my bush?

no no, not THAT bush u damn pervs..

When I become a grandma, I will show u pics of the tots...

I think I killed this birds grandma last year with my windshield..


On Saturday my city had its city wide garage sale. Now normally I am not a garage sale goer. The thought of buying and using crap other people did, kinda skeeves me out. But my mom is all for a good bargin, so I went along..

here is another instance where my super powers enthralled my being.

I was thinking to myself it would be damn nice to find some sort of priceless artifact. Something for a good deal that would only cause me great joy..

Something that comes along once in a lifetime.

After 20 or so houses, it was looking bleak...then....

We went to a nice fancy house in my hood, and I spotted it from the sidewalk, because well, you can sense this shit from the road.

I walked slowly over to the table as to not to disturb anything...

And there it was, shining, calling to me..

for a mear damn 10 cents..

Who knew a dime could by this bitch so much freakin happiness?

Here it is..

Its one of those mirrors you use to be able to win at your county fair. I had tons of these as a, this bitch has another one...

I was so giddy with my find, I took a pic and texted it to everyone I knew.

Poor Val at 1plustwins had to hear ALL about it...

She said it would make for a great post....

she also said what losers we were for texting so long about it.

I had to agree...


Its been a while since I posted pics of the tots...I took this on my new cell phone which I hate...took it Mothers Day..


Thats all I have folks....that's all she wrote...


just_tammy said...

What a find! I rarely ever feel like hitting a garage sale but there are those moments that make it worthwhile. Display it proudly! It's nice to know you are still in contact with a few of your loyal fans...

Looks like Boo could stand a round with your scissors since you are off school for a bit. The one time I let my Boo's bangs get that long, she gave herself some 50's bangs so she could see again. That was the end of bangs for her!

Sorry your being stalked again. It just means you're famous!

Yarn Tails said...

People do like to ruin things for people, don't they? What am I going to do without my daily dose of Bossy? :(

Happy Late Mother's Day to you!

Flip Flop Momma said...

I did cut her hair...and the boy and blondie..haha..

She just has super long hair, and well...wants 2 keep it that way;)

Yarn Tails,
I know...I hate people...

same to u, hope ur day was good.

Southern Sage said...

Well don't let the shitheads getcha down, no not the tots, the folks what stalk you.

That is an excellent find, man alive I'd be glad to give.15 for a cool ass mirror like that!!

Hey FFM, if you'l fry those eggs up I'll come by for breakfast!

Flip Flop Momma said...

so u want me to murder my grandkids?

damn....that just aint right...

KrazyMom said...

Hey, I'm all for garage sales. Last year I found one of those huge toddler outdoor climbers that even had a double slide...$15.00! You never know what you will find.

Sorry about your blog fan base. Some people have to ruin all the fun!

So Not The Bradys said...

I just happened upon your blog, but I'm not stalking you. I swear!

Anyway, that sucks that you're not going to blog much. I enjoy reading it. Lots of miserable people out there with too much time on their hands.

Shannon said...

Sorry intruders are messing everything up! Can't believe you found a Def Lep artifact, lol. Your kids are getting so big, Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Haphazardkat said...

The mirror is a most excellent find. Gratz! The person selling it probably spent 50 bucks trying to fling a ring around a stupid rigged bottle at the fair--then turned around and sold their prize for 10 cents! ha ha ha
You need to envision yourself winning the lottery and then sending half to I'm just the hell outta spider visions, doesnt it? HMM? You see? I'm all about the caring and shizzle like that.

It sucks that peeps have to be asswipes so that I must miss out on my daily flipflop blogging. Tell me who they are and I'll hunt their asses down.

Were you drinkin on Mothers day? Your tot pic is leanin a bit. Just sayin' :| *eyeballs you all unibrow Nun like*

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day Honey!

Don't let anyone ruin blogging for you. Just don't.

I used to have a TON of those mirrors too! OMG the memories!

Your tots are growing up more every day *sniffle*

catscratch diva said...

Very cool... one girl's junk can be another girl's treasure.

Good For You, Mama!

1 plus twins said...

oh man and you even did blog about it, man we are losers!! lol hope you had a nice mothers day. i too am blogging less and less!! i think it has been over a week since ihave blogged!! people just ruin it!!

Brooke said...

Def Lep is coming to Omaha. I hope it goes on without a hitch. It will be my first real concert!

I will admitt I have been one of those people reading your blog but not leaving a message. I get a kick out of your blogs. I found you through my cousin Janell at OSM. I am sorry I will leave messages for now on.

Dame Wonder said...

oh i know all about those fuckin irl stalkers. bastards! they need to get a life.

cute pic of you three babies on mothers' day.


Flip Flop Momma said...

sometimes u can find a great bargin, after this exprience, i may get one of those bumper stickers that say "stops at all garage sales"

The person who I am refering to, lives near me...its none of u guys..

come here and u and I can stalk her..

I know, what are the chanaces?

Some people have no life so they want to intrude on mine..


im envisioning me not recalling ur email addy..hahaha

well, I had my phone sideways so I could fit all the tots in..haha

i know, remeber all the mirrors we had to chose from..I had def leppard ones bon jovi, warrent,whitesnake,ratt..oh man, what losers we were..

thanks...its like winnin the lotto.

we are losers, no way around it..haha

Have fun at the show, they put on a GREAT show..

Thanks 4 the comment, its not anyone I dont know thats pissing me off, its people I DO know..

some people just never learn...

but please, keep stoppin..

Flip Flop Momma said...

the thing is, this person asked for my blog addy, but I never gave it out to her ever...

sp she must of went thru my whole myspace page and old blogs until she came acorss somethingwith the addy on it..I thought I had deleted everything with it on there..

i hate people...

Southern Sage said...

a cracker gotta eat!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well when I looked this morning, the eggs are gone..

either u came and had an early breakfast, or the robin moved them..

her nest is right next to my door, so it was not the best place, because its very busy there..

im tryin to figure out where she moved em..

Jeff said...

Bummer about the bad apples. That would bum me out too.

I didn't know bird could move eggs. Are you sure they didn't get eaten by a crow or something?

Just lil o me... said...

So sucks that we're not going to hear from you regularly any more.
:( I'll come punch someone in the throat for you..the offer is there!
Great find on the Lep Mirror!!
Cute tots!


Flip Flop Momma said...

the thought crossed my mind about something taking them...I just didnt want to think about it..

yes some people suck jeff, just a fact of life I suppose..

Lil ole Me,
yes yes...get ur arse here and I will kidney punch and u can throat punch...

bunch of bad asses we are..

that mirror is the shit huh?

Dottie said...

I just found you again today and find that you have blog stalkers (jealous folks no doubt) that have taken a bit of the blogging out of you. I can so relate! The tots are getting so big!

Wethyb said...

What a bunch of bitches!! My sis is going private too. What the hell is going on???? Sorry they're ruining the fun for ya! Hope you had a good Momma's Day regardless.

Kill all those bastard spiders. I hate 'em all!

Groovy Mom said...

I just remembered that I had a dream about an icky spider last night. Thanks for reminding me. :-P

Bella said...

I hate people.

Humincat said...

Wow. I wonder if I'm the stalker....I mean, I do come here A LOT! HAHAHAHA! Just kidd'n. I only stalk men with boners in their jeans, LOL!! I've seen booby shots, but I'm assuming you aren't stashing a boner in your jeans??? And don't worry if you are, I only like the men with boners who DONT have big ass boobies. And 1PT, it has been WEEKS since you've posted, so glad to see you're still alive!

Choppzs said...

I'll just call you "Little Bill" from now on you poo poo diaper head!! lol

Oh and yes, I have 3 nests around my house and those damn birds are now hatched, eating the mulberries and shitting purple all over my patios. I'm getting mighty pissed over here. Will you please come and hit them with your car or something for me?? I hope the damn things learn to fly real soon cause as soon as they are gone, those homes of there are going to get torched and chicken wire is going to get put up!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

damn woman...long time no see...

im just so damn giddy to see u..

I saw ur sister was goin private, its a sad state of affairs when we have to do that..

icky....glad I could refresh your memorey;)

goes double 4 me..

again, do u have ablog? I can never find 1 4 u.

yup..its u...for sure..

No boners in the pants, but I am always on the look out 4 them?

oh thats sooo funny, I was wondering if anyone would get the refrence..haha

well i wont be having any baby birds. mine are gone...someone stole my eggs.

doozie said...

I think your decision to blog once a week because certain people read it makes no sense. Arent they going to read it no matter how many times you blog? Why don't you just admit the truth and tell everyone that since you took up knitting, you just don't have the time

Flip Flop Momma said...

u caught me...

red handed and all

Janell said...

WOW! That Def Lep thing was just waiting for you! And only 10 cents? Waytogo, girlfriend!

My virtual gradnkids look absolutely gorgeous in their M. Day pic.

And I hope you and 1-Plus had GREAT birthdays last week when I was offline and couldn't send you greetings.

Also, good Mother's Day to you.

Scarlet said...

I'm getting to the point where I want to write something nasty about everyone I know that may be stalking me online just to give them a little taste of it. Know what I mean? I know you know what I'm talking about!

Southern Sage said...

I know they are....

runningwildkids said...

I dig the witty sense in your blog. I crack up reading your post. Don't let crazies get you down. Keep up the work!

JoeinVegas said...

Happy momma's day momma. (well, not mine, but your kid's)

gina said...

I had those mirrors- i was an ace at darts and won a whole bunch the summer before 8th grade. good times, good times.

that pic came out good for a cell phone, for sure.

i will miss ur alomst daily dose of funny but well what choice do i have?