Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scuomy and me

I know I have mentioned Pissy Pants, or AKA HalfMexican Momma....Her and I have been BFF's since gosh 1987, or there abouts.

Her and I have been having some good times. We went to the concert, where she pee peed herself.

We watched Borat.

Pamila will let me gain access to her va-gean

I will get cho your own plow..

We have taken our kids to the beach two days running now...

we talk daily, we hang out at least every other day...its been great.

Poor Pissy pants had a bad day today.

Her and I were just making good time at heading to our spot on the beach when her phone rang....she stopped to answer, and I trailed on with 5 freaking kids..

A little bit later she comes down to our area, before we were kicked out.. and she has tears in her eyes and I can tell sumptin aint right.

Well to make a long story short, she had a pap test come back abnormal and she is stressing about it..as she says..

she has scumiouls lesions on her cervix

I told her I know those are cells..as I am thisclose to beging a nurse...

So I diagnosed her with

damn ho, dare aint nuttin wrong witchrour va-gean....

ok, so she did not listen to me..

So after we got back from the beach, here we are pictured here with our spawns too.

our babies....

The whole kit and kaboddle..

our backs...

So anyhoo....Me and Scuomy decided that after two whole days of carting our kids to the beach, swimming and making sand castles, and being all responsable and not letting them drown...we desreve a night..

So, we each drop our said kin off at grandparens dwellings, head to Sandusky Party Store to get pre mixes Margarita mix..and go striaght for my dads hottub..

Then we have my dad take pic of us drunken bitches..cuz my dad is cool like that..

Here is the result.

so my dad took pics of us...how humilating...

then she started calling my dad hot. And kept telling me how nice looking my dad is. Which I guess for a dad he isnt half bad...But damn, she kept saying it, AND telling him the same thing...

Then Pissy Pant's hubby Big DG came to pick her up, so Pissy Pants had him take ppics of us, this was the result.

My dad only had to come out once to tell us to use our indoor voices , as the hottub is right outside his bedroom window...we tried to be good..

thats me and Big DG...here is another one..

Here is Pissy and Big DG..

so that wraps up our night in the hottub and margarita ladden drunkeness...

It was a good night...

I wanted to show u my Betty Boop pj's, someone here did not beilve me that I had some, and I dont like being called a liar, so here..

thats the front, here is the back..


see...I told ya so....

So my day Wednesday will be spent like this..

Noon and I am meeting an old friend from school, I Aatank..we are meeting at the ole Dairy Queen at noon for lunch..(if u are in the hood come on down)...then we are heading to her dwelling for a day of water, sun and kids splashing about, driving us nuts, and hell maybe i will end with her in my dads hot tub drinking something..

Then I am suppose to have dinner with my friend whom is the City Clerk in this city and my oldest friend from school, as seen in the post below...as it is going to be her birthday..

I am trying to keep busy, Mr Shaky will be here Thursday...and I get to leave Sunday.

By at least Tuesday I will be able to write some real stories, right now, I dont have it in me.

I will entertain soon..I am sorry I am not a bowl full of chuckles right now..

I am stressed and I still miss my old grandpa...

I am gonna go visit him tommorow.

Here is hoping I get a little drunkered tommorow night as well.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

oh crap

It has occurred to me I don't have anything board ready. By that I mean , I have no photos worthy of The Board at my funeral. No pics of me and the kids, the hubby, any friends...

I would have a board with a few baby photos and some boob shots while i was plastered with some friends..not saying there is anything wrong persay with that..But I decided I needed something with some substance..

So I have been working on that...Wanna looksy.

Thought so

That is me and my oldest friend..(not old as in she is old, but the friend i have had the longest)..Her and I went to our first day of pre school together, Kindergarten..We were pretty much together our whole life....

This is me and another friend, we didn't become friends till about high school...she had a cool ass car too..some sort of Mustang if I remember right..we would cruise thru town in this bitch acting like we could fuck u up...

This of course is me and miss Piss Pants...her and I have been best pals since about 1987-88...

Lets see...oh here are some of the family, this was before our venture to the homeland..

of course, me and The Boy...

That is just us...one big dysfunctional family...here is proof..look at this kid..

I swear to God I did not do crack while I was knocked up with him....I swear..

Little shot of dad and daughter.

Thats just Boo

Just me I suppose....

ok, now with all this goody feely shit..I am about to throw in a downer...sit down and get your hanky out..

Lets please have a moment of silence...

alrighty, what else...

This here is my lesbian friend...The one whom was suppose to go to Def Leppard with me, but her she/man would not let her..

I mean I aint nuttin to write home about, I don't get it..

but this is what she missed..

and this is what I gained...

So that is what I have for my board so far....
If any of u want to be on my board, you will have to come to my house and we will pose for a shot..
I am wanting a shrine of sorts....
anyone is welcome.
Well I guess I should get some of me and my parents and my grandma...
but two whole poster boards are gonna be dedicated to pics with u people..
come on...the big day could be any day now ...
I will be home in a week...
I cant wait to use my own shitter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pour some sugar on me........please

The Greatest SHow on Earth..

according to me anyway...

Here are some pics from my Lepp show last night..

Please bare with me..I am in the sharing mood..

Halfmexican Momma and I....yee haw bitches

Me and Cheryl, I met thru the Def Leppard fan club and Myspace, she sat right in front of me..it was sweet.

Come to the light Joe, Flip Flop Momma is waiting for u..

Viv with no shirt..

Sav and Phil


Poor halfmexcianmomma, she cant hold her pee in.....she was thisclose to the potty and then let lose...

SO there ya have it folks...

Now I am counting down the days until my Septemeber 3rd lep show..


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Momma im comin home

ok, a brief synopsis of the shit I am going through.

* I think my kids are getting on every ones nerves, and mine as well.

* I hate having to use other peoples washing machines to wash my clothes.

* I have ate out every damn day I have been here...I have offered to cook, but no one takes me up on it, ok, most have ate my cooking so maybe they are trying to tell me something

* My lesbian friend is not coming to the concert with me...She cant get off work because her boss, which is her lesbian she/man, wont let her have the day off, because holy shit, we may make out...WTF?...I have no lesbian tendency in my body, and its getting damn old....I can not take it anymore...she always backs out of shit because she/man wont let her go anywhere with me..

has she seen me? I mean for Gods sake, I have big boobs, a rotten attitude, longish hair, I am normally primped pretty good, I like wearing lipgloss, I like men...oh yea, I DONT WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH ANY GIRLS..in fact, I would glady punch any female in the face that would try to kiss me..

Even if I was a lesbian I am so not my friends type...she likes ones who look like men for some odd reason..

So now I have no one to go with. I have this hotel room booked, its very pricey, I had the whole evening planned out, when my mother and I were going..

Now I have no idea what I am going to do, I do not want to go alone, and I wont..

I just want to pack up my shit, and go home.

This has been a very bad trip. Nothing has worked out.

I feel like I am annoying everyone, yet I have no where else to stay.I go between my dads and my grandmas, but I just don't want to burden granny right now...So I don't stay there much.

I have hung out with some friends on and off during my stay...So that has been nice.

BUT, I am getting bored. I am getting worn out. And these kids are close to being left on a camp ground somewhere far away from here...

for my own sanity.

I am not dealing well...

I need some sort of a vacation...

I hate depending on others...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

free bird

I thought I would take a few minutes and crap out a real post from my anal cavity for u.

Lets see, where to start...well I have had a pretty shitty week. Go figure.

I am just grateful I listened to my gut and came here. I mean if I would of waited even a few more hours/days...I would of missed everything. My grandpa would of never seen me or my kids again...

I walked into his hospital room Monday night and he looked at me and said " well what are you doing here?" I said to him.." no, what the hell are U doing here?"

He did not look good, and was breathing hard, but not in any condition I thought to die anytime soon. I went back up to see him Monday night and I swear to God he was fine, he looked and sounded better then a few hours before...In fact, he was joking around and being his normal self....I felt very confident when I left that night that would be seeing him the next day and the day after....and after..

Well it did not work out that way. I got up to the hospital at 645 am to see him laying in his bed struggling to breath. I held his hand, rubbed his leg, and tried hard not looking at him, as it brought tears to my eyes. His eyes were open, but had no sparkle to them..I looked in his eyes, and for the first time, I didn't see grandpa. As I look at him, I feel very confused. I want him to die, only because I can not stomach watching him gasp for air...but I don't want him to die, I want him to get better..come out of it some how.

Well at around 11am, I held his hand as he took his last breath. He was surrounded by family..Me, my dad, my grandpa, my aunt, my uncle, his brother, his sister, and mr shaky...It was one of the worst days ever in my life...

I was glad to see him not suffering, but the selfish part of me, was mad...Mad because I would never get to go to the casino with him again, mad that he wouldn't be around to do anything with me anymore...No more fishing, no more eating peanuts, no more stories...He always had stories..I musta heard some of the same stories 100 times in my life...Either he thought the story was THAT funny or amusing, or he liked torturing me with the same shit...It didn't matter, I always listened.

What makes me sick inside is I know his mind was all there up until the end..I can not imagine knowing your dying, the feeling, the thoughts going thru your mind..

At one time he was getting antsy, I went up to his face , took off his O2 mask and asked if he needed anything...I asked if he was cold, he had no blanket, and it was chilly in there...

He looked at me and shook his head no...

I did not know what to do...I hated being in that situation..

I am glad its over...I am glad he is not suffering.

Oh and this would only happen to me, during visitation at the funeral home Thursday the whole town lost power...For nine hours.

Wanna know why...

A squirrel got caught in the power station, or whatever the hell u call it.

Only at my grandpa's showing, would the whole city lose power because of a squirrel.

I kid u not...I cant make this stuff up people.

I want to thank the ones who sent flowers, my close friends and such...It meant a lot to see flowers from u guys up there...and I am in the process of writing thank you cards...

Lets see what else..

Oh lets talk about the weather...

Back home its around 95-100....

here....it has not hit 80 since I have been here..I am so being cheated out of summer.

My mom calls me and rubs it in.

oh, its so hot, I cant even breath when I go outside, I can fry an egg on the sidewalk..


I feel outta place..I hate depending on people for shelter and such..

I try to go from house to house...

Don't want to burden my dad and his new wife, I mean I know what newlyweds like to do...and I don't want any part in them not being able to make whoppie when they wanna.

So I have been staying with my lesbian friend too..

She is now going to the Lep show with me next week.

Me and the lesbian are hitting a rock show, at least I am for certain she wont be fighting me for one of them..

Well, I am done...I wont post again until I get home which will be somewhere around August 5th or 6th..

I will try and come and comment and stuff..I don't want anyone thinking I have forgotten them, nor do i want any of u to forget lil ole me..

I will be in touch...

Keep flipping...( for the love of God please keep kicking)

Monday, July 16, 2007

My tribute

I did NOT write this, my cousin's wife did after spending a day with my grandpa this past spring...It is long I don't expect any of you to read it all the way thru, but I just wanted to post this where people could read it, so people knew what kind of a man my grandpa was...

I met a hero today. No he never said he was a hero, in fact, quite the opposite. He was very soft spoken, but underneath tough. To first meet him you would never guess in his heart soul hold so much. He wont talk about himself or his adventures, or what makes him a true hero in his life unless he s prodded. So it began with some medals in a small frame off to the side in his living room. He saw me glance at them and I watched his face light up in a smile growing as I turned to him and asked "are these yours" He said "yeah, I got them in World War 2..."

I first thought how could this now now small and frail man be a medal winner. It was when I heard his tales, I pictured him, in the 40's garbed in his uniform. A Staff Sergent. He made the trek 2260 miles from the beaches of Normandy to the Baltic Sea, in conditions I have never nor do I ever care to experience. Carrying what he called a small backpack weighing 25 to 30 pounds per day. He was the first recognizance unit to travel the rail, calling in the other troops, telling them what to expect u ahead, many times crossing enemy lines to call in the stronger fire. Camping out under tarps at night, trying to sleep on the ground. Getting shot at, and being shaken as he watched other die by his side. Yet never faltering. His unit was given one tank, two large guns and sent to watch the enemy move forward and report back their movements..He was ordered to go in hit and run, because they had no protection if they stayed.

Why did he do this I asked him? He meekly said because someone had to why not me? I loved serving my country.

As he told of some of his memorable experiences he talked about the medals he had won. He was in five major battles and he came home to raise a family and enjoy his future. He wont the Bronze Star, for calling in an important fire strike allowing the US troops to move to the German's once again. He won medals for each of those battles. He won a medal for the European theater of Operations. In addition , he won the Presidential Citation awarded for the action..( meaning winning a battle where you are being fired at over and over) at Meijel Holland. Although he said it was all just for "poking around central Europe". Then the story of medals took a back seat. His eyes drifted and he spoke softly...He sailed over to Normandy on the Queen Mary, watching as the Queen Elizabeth pulled into port. Not quite the pleasure cruise it was otherwise known for.
There were 30,000 military troops on the "boat" as he called it. It was packed and they spent in corners on the boards , on the deck. It was a nine day cruise to Scotland. He was on the D deck, 4 decks below waterline. He said the Queen Mary rolled with the waves and a bunch of the 30,000 got sea sick. I cant imagine such a cruise,spoiled with the niceties we have now. A cabin alone, hot showers, too many meals. My mind didn't stay there long though, I was again mesmerized by his tale, seeing the Queen Mary pull into Scotland June 13th 1941. He was excited and tired from the cruise, he trained for 2 and a half years for this day, yet nothing could prepare him for what happened next.

He was part of the invasion on Normandy,he came in on Utah Beach, just down from Omaha Beach, the one we see portrayed in the movie Saving Private Ryan. I watched his face as it automatically scowled u as he described the smell of burnt flesh , seeing body parts littering the beach..but he moved on taking about keeping his men focused on the task of getting up the beach into land to begin their job. Trekking though the countryside, finding the enemy, getting rid of them. He didn't dwell long on that, he moved onto highlights, throwing in small memories, tidbits that made the story come alive.
He was part of the Battle of the Bulge, although he says the movies never portray it correctly. Apparently the Germans knew the gas was already there in the area. The Germans were lax at the time and they didn't believe the townspeople when they told the soldiers that the Americans laid the wick to the gas and ignited it right under the Germans noses. Not quite as exciting as rolling barrels down hills and blowing them u with guns, but real and frighting all the same. He joined in with the French troops in France to help them in their quest t rid the land of threatening Germans. One of the best memories he had was leaving France, the French paid him $10.00 for their appreciation.To him that was a half months pay. He thought it was awesome. He was rich.

He then moved on to the fight at Holland to move Germans back to Germany.
He spoke of several encounters with General Patton. The first being when he spoke to their division after they won a medal for the battle they were in, the last time he saw General Patton was when Patton was directing traffic across the Rhine River. He said he saluted him then ran, everyone was very afraid of him as he was very mean, but his voice did not match his character, he said it was very scratchy and high-pitched, like a woman's voice. An interesting fact was Patton's family manufactured shoe polish..it was the only polish the military was allowed to buy or use.
Moving from fox hole to jeep to burned towns to endless fields where sniper fire was rampant. rain, shine, or snow, it never mattered to this strong solider standing before me.
He talked of when the war ended and everyone was told they could go home, how excited they all ere, finally, clean clothes, showers, regular food, what he came to learn was that almost everyone got to go home. They heard that you were awarded points for your duty and you needed 85 points then you would be sent home. He was ecstatic as he had 115 points, he was headed home, in his mind, but alas he didn't get to go, his unit was frozen there. He was to say and make sure the Germans complied with the terms put to them. He became part of the occupation. Yet no complaints again, he did what was asked of him to come home. How hard it must of been for him, to readjust to the different world, to begin again and go to a job each day. Yet he complied, he raised a family , he remained a hero.

That afternoon his stature grew, his slightly slumped shoulders stood square, he grew into a hero, my hero, knowing because of him and thousands other like him I stand in his living room. Free, free, so free I could never even appreciate the changes that would have come to me and my future if he had not been willing. Willing to put all he had on the line for me. For $21.00 per month. For his children, for his children's children.

He is my hero.

Now this hero faces a new battle, cancer again. He already fought and won against colon cancer. He didn't get a medal for that though. Now he faces lung cancer. However, as my hero, I know he has all of his battle expericne to pull thru. He is not a weak frail man as I once thought. He is a strong young soldier, back at home in his battle, ready to fight for the cause, ready to move forward with the strike, ready to be on the offensive. He will live forever, he is one of the lucky 7.

this is my grandma and grandpa

this is my grandma, my dad and my grandpa

grandpa and the bees

this is grandpa two weeks ago, his 88th birthday party..it would end up being his last..

So there you have it, my grandpa is missed dearly. I miss him everyday, although I did not see him much, since we moved, I called him once a week..

I miss him and my heart still aches..

Thanks for all your comments..sorry I have not been around, once I get back home, things will get back to normal.

Peace out...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Downer Debbie..re post from march 2007

this is a repost, I wrote this a few months back....My grandpa died today. I was there holding his hand. When I saw him Monday, I told him I would see him tommorw, he seemed fine, I mean he seemed a bit tired and was breathing hard and coughing, but he seemed ok..He saw the kids, got tears in his eyes..

I am heartbroken right now as my grandpa meant the world to me. A week ago today my dad and new mommy took him to a Tiger baseball game, that would be his last. He loved the Tigers and spent most evenings in the summer listeing to the games on the radio or watching it on tv.

And a week later, he is gone...that fast..

I wont be around for a while, his funeral is Friday and I am going to be very busy..

Please say a prayer for my grandma and the rest of my family...and poor Butch is taking it very hard...after I told him he burst into tears and wanted to go to thier house so he could sit in grandpas chair..

Thanks for all your comments and good thoughts, I need all the cheering I can get..

Some of the comments on here are from my orginal post...

Thanks for everything and this flipping beeach will see u floppers on the flip side.

Unlike my normal funny self, I am off center. I don't feel funny. I feel lost, I feel out of sorts, I feel confused.

I worry, I try to block shit out of my head.

My grandpa starts his radiation Monday. I have heard from a few people back home whom have seen him around town, that he isn't looking to good. he looks a bit pale, and he doesn't seem as chipper as he always is. This concerns me.

My grandpa, pictured here with my grandma and the bees

His name is David. he will be 88 in June. He likes to fish and loves to take trips to the casino.

My grandpa on my 12 th birthday got me a bracelet. A gold bracelet with my name engraved on it, and an emerald heart charm dangling down, on the back it said "love grandpa"

I loved that thing, I wore it all the time. Then one day I set it by the bathroom sink, and I am not sure what happened to it after that. I have been crushed ever since.

When I was little, I would sit on my grandpa's lap and ask him over and over again if I could see his scare. Ya see, some 30 years prior he had his appendix out, and I saw his scare once when he had his shirt off, and i always begged to see the scare across his tummy, and every time, he showed me.

When I was in school I would draw him pictures. Always pictures of a man or child fishing. he framed all of them and still has one on their bedroom wall.

He let me drive his brand new car when I got my drivers license. He never let anyone drive his new cars.

When I was in track every time my event was on, he walked down to the track field from the stadium and stood their while I did it. Long jump, shot put, 100 meter dash..he was always standing right there.

All piano recitals, singing shows, whatever. him and grandma were always there.

When I got married, he was all teary eyed. When I had The Boy, he was so proud. Him and the boy bonded instantly. He would walk his sorry ass to the park, take his sorry ass for wagon rides, lay on the floor with him while he napped and just starred at him, went to every t-ball game he had at the city park, even if its cold or down pouring. Any special event, he was there. Grandparents day events, even though he was the great grandpa, he was there.

Same with Blondie. Although we moved when she was 4, and she is now 7, he went to whatever she had going on.

I know if he lived here, he would not of missed any of her wrestling matches or basketball games..

Poor Boo, we moved when she was 14 months, so he has missed a lot of her milestones, but a bonus for him, she is retarded so he still hasn't missed much and she is nearly 4.

When ever I go home for a visit he asks me " wanna go donate money to the Indians"

which means he wants to go gambling. He loves going to the casino. A few times a year he heads over with a group of other old people and they have a day of giving money to the Indians.

When I was home last summer,before I left he gave me an envelope. he told me it was money to get over the bridge. I told him I don't need any money, and with a tear in his eye, he put the envelope back in my hand. I hugged him, told him I loved him and we left for home.

When we got on the road, my mom opened it, he had put 100 bucks in there for us. Even though he knew I did not need it, he still worried and gave me the money.

I am torn. I want to go home and see him. I know he is fine right now. I know he is ok. But I worry if I don't go, something might happen and I will not have been able to see him. If I do go, I am worried about what he will be like. Once he starts his treatments, I know he will be a tad weak and not feeling well. I don't want to see him that way. But I don't NOT want to go see him just because I am worried about what he looks like.

I have the will, I have the means. why don't I go? I love this guy. My kids love this guy, I guess I have an envision of him living forever. I have an envision of this older gentleman with graying hair showing me his scare he got 40 years prior to my birth.

The same man who let me look at his war books. He was in WW2 and had some sort of books with pictures from the war. One of the books had pictures of men in the showers. This was the first time I saw a naked mans goods. I would sit and stare at it for minutes. I don't think he realized that was in there. One day my grandma said " what r u letting her look at that book for?"

he said " she was reading up on the war?" Then grandma told him " there are naked men in the showers in that book, right on this page."

He then took the book and told me if I had any question about the war, he was the go to guy from now on.

Anyway, my whole point is, I am at a stand still. I don't know what I should do. I am about 100 percent confident he will live a few more years, but just the thought of him ever leaving us, is a total ass kicking for me.

I have not told the bees there is even anything wrong with him. I cant tell them anything. I can barely handle the fact that something may be wrong with him.

When I was little I always wanted to go fishing with him. My grandma would tell I could not go because when they are out in the middle of Lake Huron, how did I think they went potty. The peed off the side of the boat and that would be indecent exposure. And a little girl did not need to be around a bunch of old men who will be piddling off the side of a boat.

I am just trying to muddle thru it all. I know he is fine right now, but one of these days, he wont be. I only wish right now I lived closer. I wished when i did live there I would of spent more time there.

When I was a kid my sister and I would fight over who got to stay the night. On Saturday nights grandma would make some air popped popcorn, and make a special bowl with no salt or butter for, and we would sit in the living room and watch Hee-Haw. God I hated Hee-HAW, But I loved watching it with them.

I loved doing anything with them

Sunday, July 08, 2007


my grandpa passed away today..7-10-07..I was there when he died along with my family. Not sure when I will be back on here blogging...Take care.

ok, I am leaving for MI today, sorry this post has no spell check and there are spaces and its long...blogger wouldnt let me fix a fuc*ing thing....if it makes no sence, dont blame me.

First up, I appologize for my absecne to this blog and yours.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day, of course it was the day of my big Prince fanfare.

But before I get to the hot sweltering details of such, I will fill you in on something.

My poor gramps is in the hosptial right now. I guess he has a pretty bad infection and his blood count is very low. I am thinking of leaving ASAP for the Homeland, cause I fear he may just go down hill very fast and I want to spend time with him before its too late.

What really pisses me off is NO ONE in my family has called to tell me this. I had my mom call my grandma because I know she wont tell me how he is really doing.

My dad never called, no one did...What they do not understand is that me being so far away, I need to know these things because he is 88 years old and he could go down hill very quickly. I dont want the call he has passed and then find out he had been in the hosptial for two days, and those being two days I could of spent with him.

I dont get why they dont tell me....It inferates me.

So, when I go, I will just go...I will leave you a message in my comments section, I wont have time to post..

Please say a lil prayer for him...


OK, on to the Prince show...Oh and I DO have a pic of ME and PRINCE...wait and see u bitches..

Ok, so the doors were to open at 7:30 as the show starts at 8:30. Me being the punctiual gal I am, was there inside the Target Center at 6:45. I wanted to be one of the first ones inside.

We were like second in line....It was beautiful.

Then something awful happend.

It was 8pm and the doors were still not opening. Mind you it was 105 outside and just as hot inside..

When people from the Target Center finally came out she said..

Prince is not hear yet, they are still doing soundchecks and we are waiting to hear from his people as to wheather we can let you in yet or not..


His people were the ones making us wait...

The doors finally opened around nine, which is one and a half hours late..Then the show did not start until just after 10, which was over 90 minutes late.

The concert wrapped up sometime around 12:15 am.

I was NOT impressed.

It was a great show, dont get me wrong...It is just Prince's ego that has me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Before we leave Mr Shaky asks me..

so on a scale of 1-10 how slutty are you going to be dressed

I told him 25...

I wanted to leave a tad early to I could go buy a nice new shirt..a purple one.

I find one, he says,

well since there isnt much matarail to it, that should be pretty cheap.


So here are some pics for u..

Now mind you, I was busted and was told I had to put my camera away..so I did not get to take many...and my photoshop is on my other computer, the one that doesnt work, so u have to bear with me...they are kinda dark..

They are not the best pics, but its hard to get good pics when it is so dark.

So sue me.

Ok, here is the pic you have all been waiting for..this is priceless. My most prized photot of all time..

Me and Prince..

Pretty sweet huh?

Here is me after we are home...its about 1:30am...I am beat.

For any of you die hard fans, he had a few specail guests, the first being Wendy from his Revalution days...remeber Lisa and Wendy?...yes well, it was Wendy..

Then he had Sheila E. She did some percussion, some singing, it was great. Her and Prince sang her same Glamours Life.

The whole show Mr Shaky sat in his chair holding my purse. The bastard even fell asleep durring the show.

I swear.To God. He did.

His show was very jazzy, which I did not care for..lots of sax and trombones and such.

All and all it was a nice time..

other then heat, the wait to get in, the wait for show once we got in, the jazzy shit, being busted with my camera, shaky falling asleep, the late night of it all.

Ok, So I may be leaving soon, please hold get thoughts as I am not sure how this is going to work out..My plans may be all fuddled up and I am not sure how things are going to work..If I am going to drive or fly, or what..I dont know..

I am going to call this morning to see how he is, although I am not even suppose to know, so I am going to have my mom call my grandma..

This still pisses me off. If I miss anything, I will never forgive the people who are not keeping me informed. To them it may not be a big deal, but to me, I know that he could go downhill very quickly, and if I miss being with him because no one informed me he was sick...That is something I will never get over. Plus The Boy knows he is sick and he is very much looking forward to seeing grandpa..If he does not get to see him, he will be crushed.

So think of us over the enxt few days, I will do my best to keep u informed.

Sorry this shit is so long.

Flipping the bird to Prince's people.