Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scuomy and me

I know I have mentioned Pissy Pants, or AKA HalfMexican Momma....Her and I have been BFF's since gosh 1987, or there abouts.

Her and I have been having some good times. We went to the concert, where she pee peed herself.

We watched Borat.

Pamila will let me gain access to her va-gean

I will get cho your own plow..

We have taken our kids to the beach two days running now...

we talk daily, we hang out at least every other day...its been great.

Poor Pissy pants had a bad day today.

Her and I were just making good time at heading to our spot on the beach when her phone rang....she stopped to answer, and I trailed on with 5 freaking kids..

A little bit later she comes down to our area, before we were kicked out.. and she has tears in her eyes and I can tell sumptin aint right.

Well to make a long story short, she had a pap test come back abnormal and she is stressing about it..as she says..

she has scumiouls lesions on her cervix

I told her I know those are cells..as I am thisclose to beging a nurse...

So I diagnosed her with

damn ho, dare aint nuttin wrong witchrour va-gean....

ok, so she did not listen to me..

So after we got back from the beach, here we are pictured here with our spawns too.

our babies....

The whole kit and kaboddle..

our backs...

So anyhoo....Me and Scuomy decided that after two whole days of carting our kids to the beach, swimming and making sand castles, and being all responsable and not letting them drown...we desreve a night..

So, we each drop our said kin off at grandparens dwellings, head to Sandusky Party Store to get pre mixes Margarita mix..and go striaght for my dads hottub..

Then we have my dad take pic of us drunken bitches..cuz my dad is cool like that..

Here is the result.

so my dad took pics of us...how humilating...

then she started calling my dad hot. And kept telling me how nice looking my dad is. Which I guess for a dad he isnt half bad...But damn, she kept saying it, AND telling him the same thing...

Then Pissy Pant's hubby Big DG came to pick her up, so Pissy Pants had him take ppics of us, this was the result.

My dad only had to come out once to tell us to use our indoor voices , as the hottub is right outside his bedroom window...we tried to be good..

thats me and Big DG...here is another one..

Here is Pissy and Big DG..

so that wraps up our night in the hottub and margarita ladden drunkeness...

It was a good night...

I wanted to show u my Betty Boop pj's, someone here did not beilve me that I had some, and I dont like being called a liar, so here..

thats the front, here is the back..


see...I told ya so....

So my day Wednesday will be spent like this..

Noon and I am meeting an old friend from school, I Aatank..we are meeting at the ole Dairy Queen at noon for lunch..(if u are in the hood come on down)...then we are heading to her dwelling for a day of water, sun and kids splashing about, driving us nuts, and hell maybe i will end with her in my dads hot tub drinking something..

Then I am suppose to have dinner with my friend whom is the City Clerk in this city and my oldest friend from school, as seen in the post below...as it is going to be her birthday..

I am trying to keep busy, Mr Shaky will be here Thursday...and I get to leave Sunday.

By at least Tuesday I will be able to write some real stories, right now, I dont have it in me.

I will entertain soon..I am sorry I am not a bowl full of chuckles right now..

I am stressed and I still miss my old grandpa...

I am gonna go visit him tommorow.

Here is hoping I get a little drunkered tommorow night as well.


Yippeeskip said...

Drunk gurls in hot tubs-HAWT

Flip Flop Goddess said...

sure is;)

Scarlet said...

If I ever get bad results on a pap, I'm off to your daddy's for some bubbles and margaritas.

Looks like you all had fun in that teeny tub. The pics are great. Post one of your "hot" daddy sometime!

oliveoyl64 said...

I thought fo sho you would post a pic of hot daddy. Disappointed!!!!

Don't leave us hanging girl.

Vani said...

damn girl, you are so tan you look half mexican yourself! lol

glad you had a good time...is your friend hitting on your dad anything like "American Beauty"? hope not...!

patti_cake said...

Well sounds like you are making the best of a sad situation. Drunken hot tubs cure all ills :) (as do drunken pissy pants friends)

Neurotic1 said...

Your vacation looks like more fun than mine to the homeland ;( Tell ol' mexican mom not to worry. Just stay out of that yucky MI water and everything will clear right up ;)

Karin said...

I hope everything turns out ok for your friend. It looks like you are having fun, are you sure you want to return to normal life? Well we have missed you either way.

1 plus twins said...

oh my it seems like you are having some fun, visiting, drinking, catching some rays. enjoy your time! it seems like you did what we well i did on vacation get drunk and sit in the hot tub!! hope everything turns out ok for your friend and least she has you to get her drunk and not have to worry for a bit. i want to see some pictures of this hot dad you have!!! you will always miss your grandpa but try to just remember all the special memories, those are priceless and yours forever!

Humincat said...

I swear, that second pic of you and HalfMexicanMommy in the hot tub, doesnt it look like she has a little willie?? Seriously, zoom in and look, and yes I zoomed in to see your pic, cause she looked like she was being funny and I wanted to see better, I'm not a perv, I swear! But yeah, she may want to get THAT checked out, hehehehe! LOL.

Emma Sometimes said...

Please tell me you DONT LIVE near Minneapolis!!!

Emma Sometimes said...

I just saw footage on that bridge collapse, that is why I asked.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

well in that case, I hope your next one is bad..haha..(of course i am kidding)

I do have pics of my dad on this blog somewhere..

he is on here somewhere..go back to Nov..that was his wedding, should be pics of him there;)

my dad is happily married to a woman 3 or 4 years younger then me;)

well I am tan because I love to be out of doors in the summer...but thnaks for noticing;)

Patti Cake,
true, all u said is very true;)

is my vacation over yet?

I am sure she will be fine..thanks.

Normal life?...yes please;)

1 plus twins,
go back to Nov, there are pics of him there..it was his wedding...I would not classify him as "hot", but he was the best looking dad out of all my friends..haha

u perve..

but your right, I just looked;)

well I am not in MN, the hubby is..but he is ok..thanks for asking;)

Katie said...

Hot tubs good friends & beverages. The perfect combination.

JoeinVegas said...

But, you had your suits on. And where are all the hot young guys in there with you?

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Fun times in a hot tup with Margaritas ... that's what life's all about, isn't it !?!?
Hope it was fun.
Take care, MEow

Halfmexican Mama said...

looks like buster is toying with my va-jean in that pic...Oh good times good times...also I was reading up on LSIL and it is like the most common abnormalty in a pap and usuallly clears up on its own...wish me luck!! I still say LD is mighty fine lookin for his age... :-)

Halfmexican Mama said...

oh yeah i thought i could see my va-jean in that one pic too!!