Friday, November 02, 2007

Hello I love u wont u tell me your name

Ok, what the hell? Am I the only one who can not control how big my print is on here? I mean holy shit, I can barely read it as I am typing it....sonofabitch...this is wrong...not cool blogger, not cool at all.

Anyway, get your magnifying glasses on and enter a journey of peril despair with me.

I carved pumpkins with my kids the other day and it seems two of the three are very capable of carving their own, so I only had to carve one....Not cool again.

Who ever invented those childproof carving knives, ought to be slain....

I love carving...guess I better become a plastic surgeon now..shit.

Here are the pumpkins with the kids beside the ones they carved...oh and Boo would not let me carve hers the way I wanted, I had to follow HER damn outline...which was two teeny tiny bug eyes and a mouth that ran up the side...sonofabitch yet again.

OK, now after I posted the pic the button to change the size of my print has returned...Thank you Jesus my Lord and Savior..Amen,

Ok, now here are the kids all dressed up..Don't ask what any of them are, as I just live here..

I have wrote about the men I see wearing there trousers below the belly bulge and wondered why they thought this was a good practice for fashion. Well now I see it on women more them ever..
There are a lot of women whom I think are pregnant,because thats the only time we wear our trousers below the belly and it be acceptable in society...I mean if your not carrying some chub in the middle..but the women around here don't care they look knocked up...they wear all their pants below their belly chub and the belly kinda just flares around..Not cool...Please, keep your belly chub under your waist band of your Levi's as that's what God made the waist band for chums..
Over the last few days my diet has consisted of miniature Tootsie rolls, peanut butter kisses and skittles..
I feel sick....
I am growing my tum so I can wear my pants with the waist band below my gut...Apparently its all the rage.


themuttprincess said...

Gosh. I am so not in style. Why don't people tell me things so I can be cool?

Oh? You did? Thanks!!!!

themuttprincess said...

Gosh. I am so not in style. Why don't people tell me things so I can be cool?

Oh? You did? Thanks!!!!

themuttprincess said...

Shit. Somehow my post got sent 2x. Damn I am retarded.

So sorry!

Katie said...

I'm not in style either.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yea, I am not in style either..join the club.

I think the three of us need to start our own fashion..

MamaMichelsBabies said...

It's called front butt when they belly does that weird overlap thing. The only time it's at all ok is if the chick just had a kid.. there isn't any controlling the after baby belly for the first month or so without the help of a corset.. a really strong corset.

Those pumpkins are cute... I didn't do any this year. I let them help decorate the house and that's about all the halloween fun time they get. I hate the smell of pumpkins and they would much rather put the plastic skeletons in odd positions.

Flip Flop Momma said...

shoot, even after I have babies I wear sweat pants that cover up my belly chub..

I LOVE carving the smell everything...

But i wold fancy groping a skelton though;)

Humincat said...

I think the kids varying stages of dress is hilarious. Very typical for my house too. Good job Mom with the carvings,,,I tend to leave that up to dad, and if he doesn't want to, well, I try to discourage, disdain, and disapprove until they give up. I have a friend who wears her pants like that and the other day in the bank, the teller goes "OH! Your pregnant! How fun! When are you do???" I snorted loudly and had to leave the area for fear of draining my bladder since I've told her a billion times. I'm not one to let a friend walk around with snot hanging or fly open or belly chubs exposed. That's just me.

Tom said...

I hope Butch Bee didn't freeze!
Warm night I guess....My Gram used to call when a guy had a gut and it stretched the buttons on a shirt "gaposis"
How that relates to pregnant ladies I don't know. A woman with a bigger stomach doesn't bother as long as they have an hourglass figure. That Steph/Boo vid was very cool!

QZ~Ba Doozie said...

actually it's called "muffin top"

would you rather they yanked their damn pants up under their boobs?

Flip Flop Momma said...

well I didnt hardly do any damn carving....little pissers..

no, he did not freeze, it was not too cold out...dont mind the look of teeth chattering.

muffin top is something all together differnt...thats when they wear pants way too tight and and the gut over flows...what I am talking about is when they wear the pants BELOW the the gut ALL hangs u see what I mean, or should I find a pic for u?

Tutu said...

the kiddos and pumpkins are cute but I do think it is funny your girls are dressed like winter and your son still thinks it is summer--my kids did the same thing--I used to make them take a coat to school for recess when it was freezing out

1 plus twins said...

man i am so excited that belly chub hanging over your jeans is in!! i will fit in just perfect now!!

ok please tell my why your two girls have long sleeves on/coats and your son has no shirt on?? ha ha

you know the carving pumpkins thing is not very popular out here. i miss that, they go bad to fast cuz of the heat.

my one son wore that same skeleton mask. too funny!!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well these kids kinda just dress themselves...It was not even cold out, so why Blonide has a coat on, I dont know;)

Well if u have belly chub, just make sure u have your pants pulled up over top of it, I would rather see muffin tops then belly chub bouncing around;)

Scarlet said...

Hey, what's wrong with showing a little belly every now and then? I guess it's more acceptable in places where it's hot like Miami. Belly shirts and belly button rings are everywhere. But I know what you mean about belly chub...when it moves like jello, it's time for the granny pants.

Flip Flop Momma said...

if u have a flat tummy or a 6 pack, show it by all means...

but when u have a belly that resembles that of Ole Saint Nick...wear pants that cover it, dont wear your pants below the chub..

good gooly.

Jessica Foster said...

So here's my thought--why the hell do jeans designers make large size pants in low rise and ultra low rise?? I mean seriously??
I won't be wearing low rise anytime soon--I too have been enjoying too much Halloween candy. I rationalize by thinking, well a Reeses Peanut Butter cup is like a peanut butter sandwich, an Almond Joy is protein and fruit...?

Cheeky said...

I just feel naked if my pants are down that far...ewww

just_tammy said...

I love Jessica's thinking especially since I have done nothing but down those two candies in mass quantities the past couple of days! I feel sooo much better now.

On to your post Butch trying to prove just how manly he is? Sorry you were in a pumpkin carving funk. Sadly it just gets worse as the years slip by. I didn't even get to carve one of those puppies. I have waaay too much belly flab going on so maybe I should try the new style. If you don't believe me, just go back and read the beginning of this ramble.

Have a great weekend! Better start warming up your vocal cords. I'd better start warming up period so I can start a marathon workout to burn off my St. Nick gut.

deni said...

Your kids are just too cute.

One drawback to having your kids grow up is no Halloween candy. Unless I buy it, and where is the fun in that?

Oh yeah, when you have time could you update your link for me? LOL

Flip Flop Momma said...

they should not make those low rise jeans in anything over a size 14;)

me too.

he thinks he is all bad ass I think..haha

Now put the candy down.


yes buying it yourself kinda takes the fun out huh?...its better to get it for free;)

I will change of these days..hahahahahaha

( I am really bad that way..)

patti_cake said...

Adorable Kiddos!!!

OMG my friends daughter does this -my sister actually thought she was pregnant and when I looked myself the other day - she DOES look like it!

Emma Sometimes said...

My yahoo account was cracked into. It's disabled now but just a heads up, don't open mail from me from the last two days.

Raggedy said...

I am just not cool..I am not with the IN crowd..Not hip...and out of style...I don't wear my chub out...arghhh I just can't keep up with the fads that are all the rage...
The kids look adorable!!!
I love the pumpkins!!! Great job!!!
I wrote about cows today. Really running out of
Have a wonderful weekend!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Fantastagirl said...

I hate that look... I used to think - where are their mothers, and then I realized, their moms dress just as bad.

Gette said...

In style or no, this pasty white belly ain't never seein' the light o' day again.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your kids look very scary!! They do the evil thing very well. You should be proud.
They also do the sweet thing well. Them and their pumpkins look happy.

Ladies with belly fat over their waist band should be "slain." I like that word "slain" that you used in this post. It just sounds funny to me. There are many people I'd like to see slain for their hitonious actions.
I can make a list if you're willing to do the slaying.

Happy Sunday!!!!

Rachel said...

Unfortunately it's all the rage in these parts too. Sad.. and ugly!