Monday, November 12, 2007

life o the party

Well I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Some things did happen worth mentioning, and I will get to that..

Friday I was sick all day with a damn headache. I layed on the couch with my eyes shut all day. I let Boo run the house. I had her run to the party store to get me some brew and smokes....and she didn't even complain..

ok, really I DO NOT smoke, so she did not get those...

By nightfall my head had subsided and OCG, Shaky and myself went out.

We went to do some karaoke, and your never going to guess what happen.

Shaky sang with me.

Guess what we sang?

Summer Nights from Grease...

hell yes....

He and I sang a few songs that night...

The owner of the karaoke business...(not the normal people) invited me and OCG to her sons reception in a neighboring town next Saturday...she said..

"free beer and karaoke"

We were all like..

huh? time should we be there?...u said free right?

The OCG asked if there would be any hot guys there. She looked at her, looked at Shaky and said.

"well, I don't think your husband would want you looking for hot guys"

I just stood there laughing my ass off.

I said..

um, he belongs to me mam

Such as life I suppose...


So I made a video.....Shaky said he was going to have NO part of this one..

I made a music video.

The kids, some dance moves and a Prince song...

Although in the background you can hear me botching the song....I am putting it on youtube crossing my fingers I get sued...

Hell yeah....

For your viewing pleasure..

its the entire song, so its kinda lengthy.....

So Prince and his cohorts can come find me....I will be wearing Prince perfume and have clean hair, breath no, just in case

So he can come knocking on my door with a supena in hand, and I will take him, drag him in my house, toss him to the floor and start giving him a lap dance..

a horizontal lap dance, if u know what I mean..


Me and OCF are going on road trip next month, we are heading to the homeland..We decided to drive instead of fly, cause we are retarded that way.

It would be really awesome if someone would get me one of them fancy GPS gadgets before I go.

I am really bad at following maps or directions of any kind..

Mr Shaky though, wont buy one...

His idea of getting me a gift would be..

silky soft matching undergarments with lots of lace

High heeled boots


and a vacuum..

so, I am looking outside the parameter of the house for that gift.

I red lacey bra and undies is not going to get me to Michigan in one piece..

The boots, well maybe...


Neurotic1 said...

Have fun in the homeland. I wish I could be there with y'all. I'd help ya show her a good time ;) Way to get ol' Shaky going!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well, we will have fun if we can get there..haha..

(u would think i would know the way by now)

and it would be so much FUN if u could come too...damn u woman.

1 plus twins said...

i guranetee you the lace undergarments will get you to michigan before the boots will. now you may be taken advantage of but you will get there. lol

i can't get the video to work!! i am so mad, i so want to see that. please get mr shaky on there with his earings and braclets too. lol

Katie said...

Again, you crack me right the hell up!

That's some talent there.

"T" said...

You gotta PAY to do karaoke?!

Flip Flop Momma said...

well damn, try again...

talent is just ozzing from their anus huh?

heavens NO...she meant there will be free beer, plus there is karoeke..

I dont think anyone in their right mind pays for kaoreke.hehe

Scarlet said...

The video was too short. I was expecting you to come out in purple undergarments for the grand finale. :)

It looked like you all had fun. I would've been doing flips along w/ Blondie. I liked the way it ended with a final flop. I'm thinking this is Flip Flop's daughter, fo' sho.

I think it's great your hubby doesn't crawl under the table when you sing. Mine? He wouldn't even walk into the establishment!

BTW, nice vocals on the Prince song! Have fun on the road w/ OCG!

aatank said...

I love your boys wife beater shirt as he gets down to Prince.

We'll have to get together when your here in the homeland. We watch the parade from my mom's office...and I will be tired because we will only be home from Jamaica for 2 days. Let's make a plan.

Flip Flop Momma said...

funny thing, I really dont anything purple..haha

They are dissapointed they did not get to dance to Def Leppard, so I promsied them we would tonight, so stay tuned for that one..haha

he purposly put his wife beater on just for this purpose...I always tease him and tell him " look your wearig your wife beater"..of course he doesnt get it..haha

Yes, lets make plans...we will be there from Thursday till Sunday..I am not sure where we will be watching the parade from, I think I am meeting Greg and Amanda..(shumaker) at the bowling alley after..u wanna go up there with us?

No_Newz said...

Great video! Have a fun and safe trip, and get a few of those free beers for me. :)

Heidi Hyde said...

Great video. I love that you love Prince. I love Prince. Lovey love love. Price. The sexiest 110 lb man in the world. Who else can make a purple suit and a pencil thin mustache look so freakin' hot?


Flip Flop Momma said...

No News,
I will drank up plenty of free booze for u sweety;)

I LOVE him too..he is just like a tiny little barbie doll, I wanna put him in my pocket and love him forver;)

Packof2 said...

i love how by the end of the song, the kids were fighting...Prince is going to sue you for sure now;)


The Egel Nest said...

The video was cute...

I hear you singing...your karaoke is paying aren't bad :)

The Egel Nest

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup pretty damn typical..the fighting;)

stay tuned, we are dancing to Def Leppard 2nite;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Sing it!!

Prince is such a putz over that You Tube thing.
When I heard about that, I just couldn't believe it.
Good Lord! He's like a bitchy woman.

Next time, we MUST see a video on you and Mr. Shaky doing a duet. What fun I'm sure that was!!!!

patti_cake said...

Okay we better get a video of you & Shaky singing Summer Nights!

Safe trip to the Homeland and give HMM a hug from Patticake!

Flip Flop Momma said...

bitchy woman is right..He needs a spanking from another bitchy woman..hehe

I will if I see her..not sure if she will be in the homeland as she moved from there...*sigh*