Sunday, November 30, 2008

When its right its right why wait till the middle of a cold dark nite

Well it is over. They came, they went, and now the house is quiet.

Having the mother in law here was not so bad. Normally people in space get on my nerves in seconds flat...I am not a people person..As everyone knows. But it was not so bad having them here.

They got here Tuesday night, and left early Sunday morning..

I spent all day Wednesday preparing for the dinner, I made my pies ahead of time, because it takes a lot to scrape the flesh off the pumpkins and what not..

Thursday we got up early to get that damn bird in the oven..Everything smelled so good, it was making me crazy..Like i wanted to start stabbing things because i was so hungry. But I did not.

Then it was time to eat, I had 12 people at my table and things were going well.

Then I knocked over a candle and nearly set Pale Girl's lap on fire and spilled her soda on the floor.

Then I was hit with my medical condition and was unable to eat anything at all, which in turn made me wanna stab and kick things.

I will not go into detail, but I have something wrong that makes it hard to swallow at times, and well, it hit me at thanksgiving dinner, and it was a big downer.

I have been unable to eat much of anything last couple days, I am sure its nothing that a doctor can not fix, but why would I do that?

My mother in law kept the dishes clean. That was nice. I think I bore her so much she dirtied dishes on purpose just to have something to do.

And that was ok with me.

We sat around playing cards and drinkin some hard stuff...ya no, that is what keeps family together..


Oh I had to join my local gym here in town..

No No, my treadmill is still alive and well...its just my doctor told me that with the way my remaining sliver of thyroid was running..(which its not I guess) and since I refuse to take pills, I need to burn an EXTRA 800 calories per day...yes, I said per day, in order to maintain the weight I am at...and an extra 1200 in order to lose any.

This is on top of the hour I spend on the treadmill a day as well as working with my weights.

So, in the mornings I will be hitting the gym for two hours, then again after supper time. Since its open 24 hours a day, I can go up at 2am if I so please.

or I could just have the rest of my cancerous thyroid taken out and take my pills, and I would not have to resort to such measures.

But I do not like pills, or having my throat cut open. because trust me, that is no fun at all..

I have decided I am going to take a snow removal job somewhere in Siberia. I can not drive a stick, or drive well in slippery conditions, and do not know how to plow anything, but hell, they offered...its not like Siberia is that far away or anything.

I know that was just a random thing, I am sorry...

My mind has been wandering a lot lately too...

I think I may have done something really stupid....but I said that before and it turned out ok.

But really, you need to think things thru before you do such acts.

Ok I know...random again.

I told you, my mind has been wandering lately. I am like a two year old..shiny objects distract me.

My turkey looked good though..

Can you believe I did not take one photo over the long holiday weekend?

Told ya, my mind has been in other places, and it needs to come back home.

I started getting some Christmas things out, but I swear it feels like i just put them away..

I was going to get our tree, but decided we would do it next weekend because I can only handle one holiday per week.

And frankly, I hate messing up the house with trees and shit...I do not like messes or having things out of place, it kinda makes me crazy.

Just like I can not have a dirty dish in my sink...or all hell breaks loose.

If you put one fork in there, I will come right behind you and wash that bastard so fast you do not even remember what you used that fork for.

I'm just sayin..

And putting a tree inside my house just causes me to have heart palpitations and sweaty palms..

Not to mention the glass ornaments, the decorations placed about...

I just can not handle it...Not this early.

I think the day before Christmas is long as you take it right down after the shit is all opened.

So to sum up the last couple days...

the MIL came, i baked shit, my turkey looked handsome enough to eat, I could not swallow and was unable to partake in anything, I had to join the gym because my body hates and wants me to die, I hate putting trees in my house and I hate dirty dishes.

Yup, that covers it..

Oh and I have had some really bad gas cramps too...went thru a whole box of gas-x in the last 3 days.

Just thought you would like to know.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Ack! That much time in the gym would have a seriously negative effect on my mood. I'm sure my butt would be hot, though. Hmmm.

Flip Flop Momma said...

i know.....i know...i do love working out, but its like going to be a damn full time job!..i can not b having that.

Gette said...

At least you had the liquor...

KrazyMom said...

Hope your thyroid situation gets better!

Wow open 24 hours huh? Wish ours was! 2am might be about the only time I could make it!!

Glad you survived Thanksgiving without stabbing anyone!

aceswyf said...

Wow - Happy Thanksgiving eh? Sorry about your throat condition not allowing you to enjoy the turkey you slaved over!

I hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the gym...

Scarlet said...

That's pretty bad...but let me tell you, two women I know had their thyroids removed and they're on problems. I know it sounds like a disgusting operation, and then the pills afterwards, but once it's done, you can go about living life with no worries. I take those pills and I'm fine. I don't even exercise and I'm a stick!

Harmony said...

sure its a bore to host for the nights and end up clearing all the stuffs

Anonymous said...

i think I'd take the crack, but I'm lazy like that. Heyyyyyyyy
maybe you are a medical mary-J-wanna candidate!
get a dime from the hood and see if that helps!

Hope the gas gets better, let it out and the cramping should stop.

Flip Flop Momma said...

thanks girls..

I have had my thryoid out, I only have a tiny sliver left, that i am suppose to have monitered on a montly basis, but I dont..

i use to take snthroid 8 years ago..and it did not make me feel any better so i stopped taking it..

I was told 4 years ago I need to have the other part removed..

thats when i stoppe going;)

no I dont need any medical mary jane, im not in any pain and i dont have glacoma;)

metalmom said...

Yeah, I take Synthroid now and ..nothing. I can barely maintain the weight I'm at and I need to exercise. (Running around after a 10 month old and a two year old doesn't count as exercise...Screw that!)

JoeinVegas said...

That swallow thing! I had it, doctor said due to stomach acid, eat too late, etc. etc. Anyway, they put you to sleep, stick a tube down your throat and expand the entrance to your stomach. It worked great. And I take Prilosec every day for the acid part.

Start taking your pills girl, we want you around!

And what happened with momma moving in? No mention in a while.

Flip Flop Momma said...


yeah i use to take synthroid too..but since i only have a tiny sliver of thyroid now, i have no metabolism..which sucks..

but chasing tots should count, your burning calories i am not;)

mom has moved in...i think this is the second month now..

its not going so bad, she isnt here much anyway..

Yeah, i have had that tube in my throat thing b4....its no fun.

My probelem is I dont chew well enough i think.

or at least thats my excuse;)

Jennybean said...

Okay... I don't even know what to say... glad you made it through...

So Not The Bradys said...

Well happy freakin' Thanksgiving, huh? That's probably what you get for starting to plan it back over the summer. No, really, isn't that the way it always goes? That's why I run a "fly by the seat of my pants" operation around here. No, not really, I'm just not organized and enjoy being flustered and the bad kind of all hot and bothered.

Flip Flop Momma said...

i dont even know what to say either...between us both we cant get a sentence in:)

Not the Brady,
I like flying by the seat of my pants on a normal day;)

im doin it now..

Anonymous said...

my medical condition hit me at thanksgiving too...i got my period just as i was starting to bake and my back hurt so badly and I couldn't lie down so yeah I was a bitch the whole day. And damn girl. 2000 cals to burn a day? shit. What could youpossibly do AND deal with family? I start my migraine meds tonight- topamax...side effects are weight loss...woohoo!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm a pro at having my throat cut open - twenty throat surgeries, ten of them through the front of my throat - no fun at all.
I'm glad your meal was tasty, but you really need to try to not burn your guests to death.
You survived your MIL. That is marvelous!!

Monogram Queen said...

I am so sorry about your thyroid and not being able to eat on Thanksgiving. That really sucks.