Thursday, November 20, 2008

dont worry, B happy

Do you ever notice people's teeth? I am a self proclaimed tooth looker. I always think there is no reason why a kid has more silver in their mouth then I have in my pocket, and I also do not understand why so many adults have snagle teeth..

There is this one woman that works at a place i go to once in a while, and she has the most hideous teeth..some are missing and the ones she has are blackened like cat fish.

But the other day when I ran into to her, I noticed something different about her..low and behold, she had dentures..

It sorta looked like she had horse her teeth were too big for her mouth..

I swore it was Mr Ed, only he is slightly better looking.

Then I have to wonder, does she realize she looks like she has horse teeth?

I bet she thinks she looks all swanky and cool kinda like this.

When in reality she looks more like this.


I sorta feel bad for her because she looks way worse now..

I kinda miss the snaggle teeth, because frankly the horse teeth scare the shit outta me.


Yesterday I was thinking about my driving trek out west this past summer, when I tried listening to my Jimmy Buffet CD and wondered why the damn thing wouldn't work, then I realized it was a DVD, not a CD...

and I just giggled..out loud.

to myself..

Then I thought about me driving in Amarillo Texas and getting a tad lost and ended up going down a very busy one way street.

The wrong way.

And I giggled again.

Then I thought about the time my friend and I went to the Mexican restaurant last month and having the lady tell us her cooks were deported so she wasn't serving food that day..

that made me giggle too..

because seriously, who shuts down a restaurant because the cook was deported?

i mean holy crap.

Only in this town people, only in this town.

When u go to bed at night, you can thank your lucky stars you don't live here..

The folks in this town just keep getting better and better...

Gawd I cant wait to move...

The horse teeth, the deported cooks, the meth dealers..( we have a drug treatment center JUST for kids, ages 11-18)...I worked at it briefly, but it was way too damn depressing..

I guess I did too much thinking today..

and too much giggling, i think i wet myself.


Here is some more Aussie slang for you people wanting to learn more..

A Bastard is a term of endearment..

Chunder means to when u are full as a boot and ready to chunder..

that means you drank to much and are puking.

Have a naughty, means making whoppie..

Old fella, well sorry boys but thats a penis. in.."im gonna hit the piss"

that means your going to go drink beer, piss is beer.

So there is your lesson for today..



Gette said...

That's how my mother's first set of dentures turned out. She refused to wear 'em.

Humincat said...

What dentist would let her walk out like that? And I make myself laugh daily at the stupid shit I do/did. It's what makes the day come to an end in one piece.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Piss is beer? I know some beers taste like piss, but...

Scarlet said...

We should go on a field trip..."blogger moms visit the land down under." If it were only more affordable, and not on the other side of the could be our leader.

I have the smallest teeth, so I'm just the opposite of horse teeth. I know exactly what you mean though. A lady I know looks a little like that horse because she lost about 75 pounds and she's all teeth now. Very strange.

Flip Flop Momma said...

i dont blame her...i wonder why some look like horse teeth.

i know..u just have to wonder about some dentist...i love laughing at stupid things, cause well..i tend to do alot of stupid things.

yes, and agreed.

wouldnt that be a gals down in croc land, camping in the outback...

its almost summer there, so now is the perfect time to go..

now someone win the lotto so we can go.

Anonymous said...

Poor woman with the Mules mouth ,she cant catch a break , guess she thinks it looks a whole lot better and no one has the heart to tell her ! Some one will at some point ,until then ,look away , dont stare into the teeth,they may draw you IN ! HAHAHAHAHAH
Thanks for the laughs , lightens the days load :-)

Anonymous said...

↑↑↑↑By the way that was me Greeneyes , I swear somedays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope yours is a great day !;-)

Marel Lecone said...

I meant to tell you that I'm sorry that your Grandmother passed away . . . and, about that poor lady--just giggle and be content that she was trying to better herself! haha :) Not everyone can look as beautiful as you! :)

Flip Flop Momma said...

I thought that was u...u cant hide from me;)

No need to be sorry about the granny passing,i didnt know her, she didnt know me, no loss 2 me really...

i have a feeling we paid 4 her horse teeth..our tax dollars hard at work;)

Jennybean said...

hehehe... I could never do soemthing like old horse teeth did.. I'd be to worried about the drastic change!

IamDerby said...

Thats for the aussie slang lesson, I needed that.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yeah, Its almost like the dentsit did it on purpose or something, I mean seroiusly.

anything 4 u!

JoeinVegas said...

Just be careful which piss you hit, and be sure what country you are in when doing it.

~Jobthingy~ said...

lol its funny that some dentures look like that.

and as for the kids.. i was one of those kids with a ton of fillings. but here is the thing people dont realize.

its not a brushing not flossing thing.. cause i did that like a mad fool.. its the way the enzymes in your mouth break shit down.. some people are just going to have cavities no matter what they do.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh dear, bad fitting dentures are just inexcusable (but funny as hell!)

I am a teeth-looker too and you can imagine my HORROR when I got my braces off and the damage done to my teeth. Luckily now they are 80% fixed now but I had the hillbilly look going on for a little while there. Tres' embaressment!

Choppzs said...

Good thing I don't drink piss!

Oh and the teeth thing.. all over out here, and I can't stand it when i see a kid with so much silver I could pawn them off for a shit ton of money!

Stargazer said...

When someone asks me what I look for in a partner teeth always come to mind. I am anal about teeth and have had braces twice myself...they just weren't perfect enough, heh....poor lady, I hope she donesn't read your blog, she may hang herself:}

Flip Flop Momma said...

u always have the best advice;)

i realize sometimes kids inheartit bad teeth from someone, or there are some medical condtions that can cause bad teeth, but im talkin the kids with the can of soda with candy in their lunch...

my kids are not even allowed to drink soda except one a weekend..

Im a bad mom that way;)

I know...I had braces and my teeth took years to get looking normal..I still have cement on one of my bottom teeth...

right on sista.

I had braces twice too...its like we are twins..haha

If she reads it, its not because I gave her the address, and trust me around here, I could be talking about anyone...

some people stalk me and read my blog who were not invited or asked or wanted..

i am just loved that much;-)

glad to see ya...u know i love u:)

R2K said...

: )

Mrs. K said...

my friend spends thousands of dollars in 'improving herself' the latest thing was that she got her teeth capped and instantly her teeth looked TOO HUGE for her mouth- i told her to stop changing herself so much and put that $ towards a shrink....she needs it. I'm a teeth person too. there are 3 kids in my daughte'rs class who have had root canals...I'm all like- are you fucking kidding me!?!?!?