Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love Bizzare

So the new year is off with a deafening bang, wouldn't y'all say? Yes, yes I sure would. That ringing in your ears, that's not a remnant of your drunken stooper from new Years eve, thats the new year trying to get into the depths of your conscience. Is it working?

So far this year I have managed to not break any resolutions, because i am just that good. I have went to the gym nearly everyday and have managed to not do any bodily harm to anyone..yet.

Don't get me wrong I know its only like day 4, but this is big stuff here.

Let me ask you smart, educated humans a question..Is it wrong I wont let my tots go out and play when its 4 below zero? I see the neighbor kids out, even sledding down OUR hill, and yet I wont let my own heathens out of doors unless its at least 20 degrees. Now when I was a kid, the cold never bothered me as it does not my tots..BUT Michigan winters are much warmer then a hearty Minnesota winter.

When the air temperature is anything below zero, why do u let tots outside? Do you want their poor defenseless bodies to end up in a frozen tundra or a frost bitten mess?

Nancy Grace would have a field day with that shit right there.

And while my kids are at school they are forced to go out for recess unless the air temp is 20 below...Holy toots know.

I have my own written rule for my kids at the school..If its so cold the mucus freezes in my eye while I am out getting the mail, my tots stay indoors for recess and do things like read, scrub toilets or grade papers.

I just don't see the point in it..going out doors when its that cold. Frankly I don't understand how people in Alaska function. One of my daughters friends just moved there this summer, and during the day, not only is there no sunshine hardly, but the high temps are around 35 below zero.

To that I say?


How do u function? Is work AND school cancelled for everyone? One day it was 56 below zero there, sure it got that cold here about 2 years ago, and they did not shut anything down but my good mood. Here I think its bad when its 20 below, I just am not sure I can handle it any colder then that, cause well, I am a wuss.

I got my hair highlighted yesterday...just thought I would let u know.

What else?..

Oh, yes...the hubs is having another one of his "episodes"..they come and go and I never mention anything about them, cause well, not like you really care..But each time they come back they are worse..

Now its effecting his speech, his facial muscles, and he says he feels like he sometimes has needles in his ass..

I'm just sayin..

I took him to the doctor the other day and they are sending him out again, it didn't do much good last time, so who knows.

Where the hell is Dr.House when u need him? Sometimes a good jackass comes in handy.

I'm just sayin.


Haphazardkat said...

I'm convinced your tots will be the only ones on the block with complete digits and limbs ;) Good on ya! Stupid ass peeps makin their kids go out in that kind of weather!

WTH? Whats up with the hubs? Things that affect the speech have got to send red flags to the docs, right? I assume he's had an MRI and CatScan?
The needle ass sensation has me stumped though....

Nothing like a good ass mystery to rev my day ;)

Carmen said...

Damn girl whatcha pokin' the hubs with when he is sleepin'? People put their kids out to get their sanity~maybe you outta try it:)

Rocker_MoM said...

well he has had ALL that done and them some...he is a medical mystery..haha..kinda like the pale one:)

well i know I send him shock waves, but the needle ass pain, well thats not me;)

I just send mine to their rooms...not quite the same but...

The Doozie said...

Speaking of tots in the cold, some dumbass father in washington state broke down in his pickup and sent his 10 and 12 yr old kids hoofing it back to a house for help. Well you guessed it, the 10 yr old froze to death, and the boy had severe hypothermia. The dad was at the truck where it was warmER. I think he's going to jail.

Anonymous said...

You live so close to two of the best hospital's, Marc should be going to one of them. People travel to your state just for them, Aunt Mary said they saved her life at Mayo. Do not mess around with it, you need to take care of him, he loves and takes such good care of you & the kids.
Aunt Frankie

Rocker_MoM said...

holy hell no..I have not heard that one yet..thats so damn sad..what a jackass..hope he goes away for a long long damn time.

Rocker_MoM said...

Aunt Frankie,
well we are doing the best we can... I had to BEG him to go to the doctor saturday...he doesnt want to take pills or go to the doctor..I cant force him, but I do what I can..

he saw the best neorogist in the state three years ago and she blew him off because she didnt have a clue..

they need to send him to a muscle doc, because its not his brain, I know that...

its something in his skelton muscles...but its been going on for eyars and years and years and years..

it goes away for a couple months, then comes back..

hopfully a new doctor can shed more light on it..

I am doing the best I can do...I can only do so much.

Tom said...

Bossy, as far as the tots go, I think temperature shouldn't be the only thing when deciding to send them out. I worked outdoors for a while including loading cargo at MSP airport at night in winter, and I think if it's a sunny day at -10 and NO wind I think it's fine if they are 15 above with a howling wind and snow, then no.
Sounds like a viral thing with your husband. Anything thats say, orthapedic I think would show up quick.

Rocker_MoM said...

no, its way more complicated then that...this is a chronic condtion of some kind...not sure what though..they have run every test on him u can think of...

KrazyMom said...

Wow, I hope your hubby is diagnosed and feeling better soon! That sucks!

Here in MI, the kids are not allowed to go out if the wind chill is below zero, which has been often so far this winter! I am sick of snow!

MamaGoose said...

Was that neuro Martha Nance at HCMC? She rawks. I'd feel bad if she blew you off...

Anonymous said...

Hey words of support from Detroit! I know we cant do anything but we would if we could. If were close enough drinks and a safe ride are on me! Michael

Scarlet said...

I'd love to go on an Alaskan cruise, but to LIVE there, no way in hell! I'm cold right now and it's in the 70s! I think it's part of having a defective thyroid.

Bailey's is good when it's cold out. When I lived in upstate NY and I was in high school we'd get vanilla shakes from McDonald's (yeah, they're cold) and add Bailey's to it. It didn't keep us warm, but it tasted GREAT! :)

Rocker_MoM said...

yeah I hope it gets fixed soon, cause it takes a toll on the whole house, and I can not imagine what its like for him..

man, the kids would never have winter recess here if that were the case!

I know it was at the Noran clinic, I cant think of what her name was though..

THANKS...I love u guys!

yeah I would love to visit there, but live there? fuck no..I dont have a thryoid so u can imagine how cold my ass is all the time;)

and I LOVE Bailyes..I add it to my eggnog too;)

Humincat said...

Take him to a Chiropractor, maybe a good back snapp'n is all he needs....(I'm only half kidding, I'm sure he needs a bit more than that) Our local MD just kept giving Hubbs meds and random blood tests and after a few weeks with a chiropractor, he could feel his toes on his foot again, which we didn't even know was related to his back. Anyway, I'm bored, lets go get a drink before this crappy week starts.

Fantastagirl said...

Kids here don't go outside if the windchill is below zero, or something like that - our teachers don't like to be out in the cold either.

Hope the hubby finds a good doctor who can help him. How very scary!

Rocker_MoM said...

acctually he has went sorta made it worse..

and im already at the bar where the hell are u?

dang, my kids would have no recess...its very stupid to make kids go outside when its that cold..we need to be running the schools.

and thanks, hopfully we will find an answer this time around..

Southern Sage said...

I feel the same way bout where y'all live as you do about alaska!
nofuckinway I could live up there!

Hope hubs overs the ailment!

Kim Ladd said...

Just so you know, they don't let the tots out at DeWitt Schools if the temp is lower than +20 degrees. What kind of crazy people are runnin' those MN schools?

Hope hubs gets feelin' better soon!

JoeinVegas said...

Come on, let the kids decide if it's too cold. We were outside all the time, as long as you aren't making them go out, dress them warm and let them have fun. Geez, you guys are way too protective of the kids, how did you feel way back when you were that size? (sorry about the way back part, I know it wasn't that long ago for you)

Rocker_MoM said...

nofuckinway do i like living up wont be long now.

MN people r just crazy..and i hope it does not ruboff on me..or maybe its too late already.

being your in Vegas, I am wondering if u have been outside in cold...cause if your a wuss like me, u would thank me for not letting u go out;)

they would go out when its 50 below, because one day last year when it was 50 below, they begged..and of course, I sent them out in shorts;)

Monogram Queen said...

First off sending Get Well Wishes to the hubs cos' you know i'm a fan!

I would just KILL myself if I had to live in Alaska. I truly would. You are absolutely right not to send your kids our or allow them to go out at recess when it's that.damn.cold.

Rocker_MoM said...

yes living in AL would have that effect on anyone..

IamDerby said...

omg. If Its 40 degrees here (as in 40 above) I think I am going to lose a limb. I cant imagine anything colder.

Jamie Dawn said...

Too too too cold!! I could not live in a cold place like that. Well, I did just after we got married. We lived in South Dakota for a year, and that was all the cold weather I needed to know that I don't like it!!!
I'd stay inside most of the time and turn into a hermit.

I hate that your hubs is still having these strange symptoms. House is just what you guys need. A no nonsense doc who gets to the root of the problem and fixes it, while cracking jokes on the side and popping pain pills.
Seriously, I pray your hubby gets well and no longer has to deal with this. I'm sure it worries you both very much.