Wednesday, December 10, 2008

pink houses

I am officially tired of winter. And it has not even started yet.

Just thought I would let you know..

Remember when I was telling you about that tree of mine that still had leaves, well, it still has leaves...

I went to the gym yesterday. I was on some machine that is like an elliptical, but it is not..

anyway, I was going along and I wanted to adjust the resistance, because it was not high enough for me, and as I took my hand off the handle things, I nearly fell right off, right onto the cold dark floor.

Oh the humility.

Then after I was done, a man got on the same one, and it appears he was adjusting something too, but he was more unfortunate then I, because he actually lost his footing, I am sure I heard him say the F word..

Normally when I head to the gym I wear a pair of shorts under my sweats and take the sweats off when I arrive. For some reason yesterday I did not wear shorts under the dungaree's. And I forgot that.

It could have been arrested for indecent exposure... but I wasn't..I caught myself just in time.

That would of been bad, very very bad.

I mean hell, I have left the tanning salon room before without my shirt on..Its nothing new for me to forget to put clothing on.

And its not like I enjoy being nekkid, cause I do not. Well I do not mind if am showering or bathing, or doing naughty things with a certain hubs, but that is about it.

Even when I birthed out my kids I insisted all three times I keep my shirt on. No one likes their boobies hanging all out, and those gowns just are not a made for good boob coverage.

trust me on this. I mean if you are have barely there boobies, then you are ok, but anything more then a full c cup and you have boobage hanging out the sides of those bastards. Right where your arm should be.

But back to my story, I nearly whipped off my trousers in front of God and everyone.

People do not use the terms trousers or dungaree's enough.

Lets start doing that, shall we?

wow Suzie, those trousers make your bottom look so hot..

damn Martha, your dungaree's really make that booty of yours pop.

See, it kinda rolls right off the tongue.

Or you can try it this way..

damn Wayne, is that a cucumber in your dungaree's or are you just happy to see me?

It works both ways.

Give it a try today, you will be pleasantly surprised, I am sure of it. People will think you have class and charisma.

I'm just sayin.


Jennybean said...

lol... what a string of randomness... but I love it...

Humincat said...

I'm not laughing at you...well, yeah, I'm laughing at the you that almost yanked down her bottoms to reveal her perty panties....HILARIOUS! And yeah, I left my bra on and the nurse kept bitching and I kept ignoring her bitching and then at some point (around the pushing point I'm sure) I lost all thought and could have cared less if she wanted the whole damn gown. What? You want to shave my head? Sure, just get this kid out of me kind of thing. I'm sure it was something

Rocker_MoM said...

yup..I am mostly filled with random tidbits ya know?..haha

yes, I had my bra on and everything, I remeber telling them to give me ONE good reason why i could not have a bra and shirt on..and they came up with nothing..

Monogram Queen said...

I'm going to call you the "I Love Lucy" of the Gym!

Ya know I really can't remember WHAT I wore when giving birth!

catrina said...

As for your tree, I have one, too. I think hubby called it a pin oak. The leaves stay on all winter, then they drop in spring when the new ones come on. Such a fountain of knowledge, that hubs of mine!

Rocker_MoM said...

well r u sure u were there then..haha..i recall every last detail, even from nearly 12 years ago..I guess it just haunts me to this day;)

this is a plain ole maple tree, that every year past has lost tis leaves by halloween..

I think its on strike, or become retarded this year;)

Anonymous said...

oh God I did that once - almost got naked...I thought I was wearing my bathing suit and started stripping!! lol...what a freaking dork.

Scarlet said...

I'm going to try, "Is that a cucumber in your dungarees or are you just happy to see me?" on the hubs tonight...before we get nekkid. ;)

Haphazardkat said...

You lured me in with the Pink Houses title and I spent the entire time reading your post waiting for the explanation!! (i'm all sorts of anal like that) my dungarees are in a twist~
You see how I read and obey?

Rocker_MoM said...

u might wanna use a smaller or bigger veggie depending on his mood;)

its just a song title, have u ever noticed that none of my titels never make sence with anything?

now get your dungaree's untwisted...

and u get points for obeying.

Rocker_MoM said...

Mrs K,
opps I didnt see u there..

Oh man, that means u coulda almost been topless, thats worse then bottomless..good God.

Scarlet said...

LOL - Yes, I'll try "jalapeƱo pepper," that'll make him HOT! ;)

JoeinVegas said...

Damn Rocker Mom, you look hot in those dungarees. But even hotter when you take them off. Wow!

Rocker_MoM said...

now you're talkin'...

I think I am blushing...u say that to all the rocker moms out there.

Marianne said...

I used trousers in my blog almost a month ago. I was complaining about how my trouser socks were pulling the hair on my big toe.

See, I have style and charisma! (and hairy toes) Who knew?

Jamie Dawn said...

I own trousers, but I am a skirt wearer, even in winter. I do not forget to put on my skirts though, or my tops.
I think you should have allowed yourself to actually fall of that exercise machine, then sued for millions. People sue all the time over just about anything, so you'd have a good chance of winning some bucks.
I wore socks when I birthed my kids as well as a hospital gown. Yes, I wore socks, and I kept a sucker in my mouth when I delivered my firstborn. I had not excess boobage issues which tells you that I am under a full C.
I'll email you when I receive your check. Let me know when your crosses arrive.
Happy Holidays, you goofy rocker!!

Shannon said...

So, so true about the gowns, lol!!!!

Gette said...

I could stand to work out some more, but with the pants on...

just_tammy said...

Boy, the guys at the gym would be so disappointed if they knew how close they were to such an exciting event. You would have made their day. Wonder if they've found your blog yet?

Janell said...

Oh, Yeah - dundarees are right up my redneck alley. Let's go with that!

Mammogram Queen has got me thinking all kinds of hilarious things about the "I Love Lucy" Age and how she would present the mammogram.... pabt smears.... breast feeding.... and the treadmill at the gym, not to mention the tanning booth... what whould Ethel and Lucy do....?