Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cold hearted snake

Over the last couple days it has been colder than a witches tit, whatever the hell that means.

Yesterday it was no warmer then negative 10, and now today it has warmed up to -7..I do not even look at the wind chill factor, because frankly when its that cold with no wind, it really does not matter much after that.

The schools were delayed two hours yesterday, why I am unsure because we did not get much snow..anyway, I knew I had to drive The Boy over to the Middle School as I knew I may get a call from Child Protective Services if they saw his ass walking in the 13 below zero streets. So in turn I knew I was going to have to drop Blondie off at the bus stop because unlike years past, the bus does not pick her up at the house anymore and now she must walk a few blocks and around the bend.

Anyhoo, I go out to warm up my car, because no one wants to sit in a car when its 100 below zero without at least cold heat blowing at your feet.

I go outside to start it, and ALL the doors on my car are frozen shut..SHIT.

I go try Hubs car, ALL his are frozen shut as well..so Now I need to think fast or these hoodlums are here all day..

To make a long story short, the hoodlums were here all day.

When I caleld the schools to let them know the tots were not coming, well they got a good giggle as to why..I then had to let them now I thought it was sort of assnine to delay it two hours because it sure as hell was not any warmer at 10am then it was at 8am, and when it is that cold, u should not even think a parent would allow a tot to even stand at the bus stop for one minute.

So yesterday was a long day...

But I made damn sure my doors opened today.

I was not taking any chances on them being here two days.

Here is a video I made last week..its Blondie being interviewed by her brother.

And the Hannah sheis talking about is her freind who use to live across the street that moved to Alaska..

I know..cold..

Today is a good day to wear a double layer of dungaree's...


Monogram Queen said...

That is way too cold for me chick! Stay warm..

oh and it's "colder than a witches tit in a brass bra" ha! Or so my Dad says!

Lynilu said...

I'm so glad I don't live where you do!!

Yes, Patti's quote is how I always heard it. Can you imagine how cold that would be? brrr, ick, and brrr again!

Scarlet said...

Nice ending on that video clip! I'd love to have the kind of day where I can't go anywhere because my car doors won't open due to the weather...but that only happened here once (after a major hurricane hit and a tree landed on my truck). I don't want THAT!

Cliff said...

I'm impressed. Your kids seem quite normal. :)

namaste said...

"now i need to think fast or these hoodlums are here all day."


yes, we haven't gotten to the frozen car doors yet this year. but it's coming. brrr!!


Marianne said...

And to think that I was complaining because we are staying below freezing today.

I shall dangle our 28 degrees in your face to taunt you.

28. 28. 28. 28. 28.

Rocker_MoM said...

I have never heard that part of it..damn

yes pray to god nightly u don't live in the frozen north, because I truly hate winter here.

I would rather have a tree land on it..haha

they are not.

well I'm sure your time is coming huh?

We had freezing rain and then the temp dropped 50 degrees and snowed...yeah..makes for a tough day to open the car door;)

holy shit I would take 28 degrees anyday...it has warmed up to 0 as of now:)

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Okay, I won't complain about our 20 degree weather anymore. :-P

Jeannie said...

I live somewhat south of you (more than likely) even though I'm in Canada. I'm wondering if your cold is dry or humid? I hear from folks from Alberta that their cold is technically colder than here but doesn't feel as cold because it's dry. The cold in our area seeps right into your bones and settles there. We've had some nasty cold but not quite as cold as you.

Rocker_MoM said...

nope, u stop now.

oh its veyr humid here, even in the winter..but it does seep in your bones and stays there until July..haha

Tom said...

great interview! Love it when the lad makes the finger tips touching triangle. My Gram (who was from the UK) always used to say "It's brass monkeys out there" as in cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. I always thought it was a animal monkeys testicles but it's the thing cannon balls were stored on old sailing ships, and the cold would make them contract and the cannon balls would escape, and i'm boring the crap out of everyone

Southern Sage said...

I'd move.

We hunted in short sleeves yesterday and I took shirtless pics outside today, while sweating
just sayin.

Jamie Dawn said...

We got down to 27 degrees overnight last night, and I thought THAT was hitonious. Today we barely got above freezing, and I thought THAT was hitonious. YOUR WEATHER IS HITONIOUS!!!!!!
I don't know how you stand that frigid weather.
Frozen car doors???
That is just horrid.
Sorry to read that your dog knocked over your tree.
Bad dog.
I got your check today. Thanks very much.
Try to stay warm. Maybe if you wear long underwear under your dungarees you will be warm.

Janell said...

That was so cool. I'm getting frostbite!

My virtual grandson is destined to be the next Sean Hannity... or Jerry Springer, whichever one you prefer.

Gette said...

I had a college v1.0 friend who told me that he and his buddy used to say "Colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra in January" but that got too long and cumbersome, so they shortened it to "Brr Tits!" which I think sums it up nicely. Been sayin' it for 20 years now.

JoeinVegas said...

And I complain about our 40f? Sorry, but the frozen door locks, yes. Time for a new car - one with the electric push the button to open locks.

Rocker_MoM said...

I nevr heard that one either...u would think that me living in the frozen north my whole life i would hear this stuff..damn

I wore shorts and tank at the gym, does that count?

glad u got the check..

yes our weather is hitonoius...to the max..

I need to come bunk with u for the winter.i dont eat much.

I was thinking more like Donahue:)

that still makes no sence...why would a witch wear a brass bra?...


it is new...and it has an automatic starter..

now what?

Wethyb said...

I do have to say that I don't envy your weather. We're supposed to be getting a foot of snow the next 2 days and that alone is going to suck ass!

Humincat said...

Your kids cracked me up. All his hand gestures and quirkiness, and her beauty and confusion, totally funny. And yeah, I now believe your crazy, why else would you live in such a place?

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Shannon said...

Doors frozen shut.... that is a new one for me, lol. It is fifty something degrees outside here right now. If we had weather like that here school would be closed for a week.

Marel Lecone said...

Sounds like a long day...wow--you right--it's cold there!!! Have a great one.

Haphazardkat said...

The boy tried so hard to interview her!! Fine job. Fine job.
And a 10 for Blondies WHOMP on the floor!
Your hoodlums have mad skills, Baby.
Mad. Skills.