Saturday, September 05, 2009


I always knew that putting stuff out onto the world wide web means anyone can see what you write. I mean I have gotten hate mail, fan mail, marriage proposals and the sort.

But nothing compares to what I received the other day.

What I am about to tell you is just fucking outstanding. The person who sent this to me, not only made me shit my shorts, but made me realize that "you never know who is reading" the shit u put on the internet.

In the years I have been writing here, this is the first time I have gotten a letter from someone of this sure it will be the last as well.

I had a post about the many questions I had regarding the Michael Jackson case. So many things not adding up, so many things not making sense.. It was more a joke, and poking fun and the stuid shit that is out there..

But one person in particular, did not see the humor or the oddity as I didd..

I got a letter from someone inside the Jackson family, whom shall remain nameless. I will not go into the details of our emails, who it is, or any of the sort..

They said they simply found my blog thru a blog seach in the weeks after Michael died, wanting to read what others thought about his untimly passing..and they came across the one I had written, and thought it was funny and heart warming..(thier words, not mine)

Below are just snipits of the first said letter..

Now I'm only publishing a tiny portion of what was in this letter, as some things were just none of anyone else's business.

Michael was a kind and giving soul and our hearts will forever miss him. We do indeed need to move past, and solider on, and carry his works out. Wipe the tears and help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Take your creative side and make a masterpiece,As Michael would want all of us to do.

Our Michael has passed on, and it has been nothing but a nightmare for everyone, and than to see you (a fan) criticize our ever move at Michael's service was not only uncalled for, but agonizing.

You have no idea what our family has been through, and I just want to say I am sadden by this.

Please take into consideration the feelings of others when writing something about another person. I am not asking you to take the post down, but to remember the pen is mightier than the sword (so to speak)

Thank you for understanding

________________ Jackson

Those are just bits from the first letter..I will say though the email I sent back on the first letter was done in Rocker Mom fashion, so there was cussing as well as other things..

In the second letter I recieved from this person they talked about how Michael needed Privacy not only in his life, but in his death. That I could not possibily understand the kinda "strife"..(thier words, not mine) he endoured while alive.

I will leave you with a song Michael wrote called Privacy. I always loved this song, but now it has new meaning for me, as I never really got it until now.

anyway...just thought I would give you the reason as to why my post is now gone..

the Internet...what a weird fucking thing...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that, I never intended for you to address the emails, nor the content of which we conversed about.

My families emotions are still so raw a vivid, almost like it happened yesterday.

I don't wish this sort of loss on anyone,yet all of us here on this planet have a time stamp. Michael's time was up.

The song you posted is wonderful. I am impressed you know this song, it just proves what a great fan you are, and I hope will continue to be.

You never know when I will be popping in. You have a great soul and Michael would be proud.