Saturday, September 05, 2009


I always knew that putting stuff out onto the world wide web means anyone can see what you write. I mean I have gotten hate mail, fan mail, marriage proposals and the sort.

But nothing compares to what I received the other day.

What I am about to tell you is just fucking outstanding. The person who sent this to me, not only made me shit my shorts, but made me realize that "you never know who is reading" the shit u put on the internet.

In the years I have been writing here, this is the first time I have gotten a letter from someone of this sure it will be the last as well.

I had a post about the many questions I had regarding the Michael Jackson case. So many things not adding up, so many things not making sense.. It was more a joke, and poking fun and the stuid shit that is out there..

But one person in particular, did not see the humor or the oddity as I didd..

I got a letter from someone inside the Jackson family, whom shall remain nameless. I will not go into the details of our emails, who it is, or any of the sort..

They said they simply found my blog thru a blog seach in the weeks after Michael died, wanting to read what others thought about his untimly passing..and they came across the one I had written, and thought it was funny and heart warming..(thier words, not mine)

Below are just snipits of the first said letter..

Now I'm only publishing a tiny portion of what was in this letter, as some things were just none of anyone else's business.

Michael was a kind and giving soul and our hearts will forever miss him. We do indeed need to move past, and solider on, and carry his works out. Wipe the tears and help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Take your creative side and make a masterpiece,As Michael would want all of us to do.

Our Michael has passed on, and it has been nothing but a nightmare for everyone, and than to see you (a fan) criticize our ever move at Michael's service was not only uncalled for, but agonizing.

You have no idea what our family has been through, and I just want to say I am sadden by this.

Please take into consideration the feelings of others when writing something about another person. I am not asking you to take the post down, but to remember the pen is mightier than the sword (so to speak)

Thank you for understanding

________________ Jackson

Those are just bits from the first letter..I will say though the email I sent back on the first letter was done in Rocker Mom fashion, so there was cussing as well as other things..

In the second letter I recieved from this person they talked about how Michael needed Privacy not only in his life, but in his death. That I could not possibily understand the kinda "strife"..(thier words, not mine) he endoured while alive.

I will leave you with a song Michael wrote called Privacy. I always loved this song, but now it has new meaning for me, as I never really got it until now.

anyway...just thought I would give you the reason as to why my post is now gone..

the Internet...what a weird fucking thing...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

smooth Criminal..indeed

I never have claimed to be Sherlock Holmes. But I can smell a rat when I see one. In this post I am going to unravel somethings for you people. It may be an eye opener for some of you.

want to know a fact?

Michael Jackson is not dead.

And in this post I will give you my reasons why. You need to read this all, and watch and look at all the links I leave, because I can not very well explain every single thing on here it would take too long. So some things I will be explaining with video..mmmkay?

First off, why don't we start with the ever so popular ambulance picture of Michael on his dying ride to UCLA?..ok..

here is the pic.

Ok, now I am about to point out WHY this is NOT Michael Jackson. First off, did he get a tan?..take a good look at this...

Now here is a picture of Michael taken two days before he died..

Do you notice anything?

the nose is not the same, the skin color is not the same..

That pic of Michael in the ambulance is not only way to young to be Michael, buts its from another era..does this look familiar?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

This alone does not add up!

Here is a video that really goes into detail about this issue..

Plus in the leaked coroners report Michael was bald and missing his nose piece...(which i don't think he has a nose piece)...but yet in the ambulance his hair is in place and his nose from the late 80's is firmly in place?

That does not bother anyone?

just me?


Michael was always famous for saying never believe what the media tells you.

Now lets move on to Mr Conrad Murray!..this will be BIG huge fun!

He is a cardiologist, yet he does not know you do not give CPR on a bed?

his one dumb mother fucker.

Now I want you to watch this attention to it..its only like 2 minters long!..stay with me here folks..

OK..did you watch it?

Was it Dr Murray calling the Never land staff, or was it Michael calling to say the plan has been put into motion?

Does any of that make sense to anyone? I the only one who has issues with the fact he saw Michael not breathing, yet spent 90 on the phone before calling 911?

I want to now move on to this memorial we all fed into.

I admit, I cried like a fucking baby..

watch this video..and tell me how you feel about the memorial all kind makes sense..

is anything adding up to you guys yet?


ok, lets move on..

Lets get into the fact no one will sign the death certificate. Why? Because its illegal to sign a DC if the party is not dead.

BUT WAIT Rocker Mom...faking your death is illegal.

sure it is..your right.

But if you notice, no monies have been exchanged yet.

I heard a few months ago, maybe in May that MJ was planning something big before his concerts.

than I came across this little piece of info..

anyone who is a MJ fan, knows he LOVED magic..

That was written back in 2006, and if you think about it, it would take this long to plan such an event!

Moving along..

Here are a few other videos for you to wet your whistle on..

OK now lets talk about something else..

Why did they not show his body at the memorial?

because there is no body.

The family claims it was because the side of his face was caved in during the futile attempts at CPR..first of all, if they are doing CPR on your face, thats never a good sign.

Second, in the ambulance photo, he face is fact, so fine his make up and hair are perfect!

On Sept 3rd they will be having a burial. A private burial.

Not sure what they are burying...but here are some interesting points.

Marlon Jackson, Mikes brother made a statement that the kids have made letters to put inside the casket. And Mikes will be buried with stage make up, and his white glove. Also that his hair dresser is fixing up his best wig!

As the body WILL be shown..

Whats wrong with this picture?

Well Rocker Mom,,seems plausible to me.


lets dig deeper into that.

First of all, why go into so much detail about the make up and such?

Second, they said his face was too badly damaged to show at the public service, yet his nearly 3 month old decomposing body is OK to show in front of his children?

Sure he has been in refrigeration over the last two months, but that does not stop the decomposing process..

Its all for show...this whole burial is all for show.

And the fact his grave is private where fans can not come see is a red flag. Michael loved his fans dearly. What Mike hated was the press and media, twisting stories and making up lies about him...the fans though..he adored!

So why have his grave away from his fans?

Because they worry some crazy person will dig the body up to see there is indeed..NO BODY!

thats why.

Now I have a couple theories on why this went down..

My first one is that he is staging the biggest comeback, never to be outdone..There is a lot of people in on this, so the jig will be up me.

I have heard two scenarios relating to this theory.

In October the movie comes out. The one with all the rehearsal footage, that just HAPPEN to be shot in hi-movie quality film...u don't find that odd? the end of the movie I have heard all will be revealed..

who knows...

the second thing I have heard is that something is suppose to happen at the tribute concert they are holding in Vienna later this month.

I'm not sure I buy that one..

My second theory as to why this went down is because MJ life was in danger.

Mike worked with a man named Dr Thome Thome..just a month before he died Michael fired this man, as he did not trust him anymore.

The man was over heard saying how he would bring death and mayhem to the Jackson family..

(go to YouTube and search Michael Jackson 162 it goes into more detail on this man)

So was his life really in danger?

Who knows...

Another thing..Michael was good friends with a man named Gotham Chopra, who appeared on Larry king shortly after the death.

On July 13th..(or there abouts) he tweeted on Twitter..

"had the most fascinating dinner with the man who runs the world from behind the curtain"

what the fuck does that mean?

Dr Murray will never be arrested.

There are a ton of people in on this. Which is amazing.

But I feel there is no way MJ would go thru all this to NOT come back. He wants to prove he can he is back and better than ever!

Now if MJ is indeed dead, than there is some shitty police work going on and it just confirms that the Jackson family only thought of Mike as a walking ATM..because what mother,father,sibling would not bury their loved and just let them rot inside a fridge at a cemetery?

makes no sense.

I can poke so many holes out of this story it not even funny!

I have many more issues with this story...but I will write a part two maybe..

So..what do you think?

Is Michael Jackson dead?

or is he staging the biggest comeback of all time?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what happens in Kansas...ends up here

So I went to Kansas...and there were no yellow brick roads, flying monkies or the scarecrow from the wiz..

what a fucking rip off.

Had a great time with the BFF, the tots had a great time and didnt want to leave..

I will show you some pics because I know u people love that shit.

Thats two of my tots one of her tots and I on the back of some donkey thing in some town there..

I know, I give out way too much information.

thats a group of us at a total dive of a bar for a night out in the land of Oz...dont be hating

lets see,here are more..

Since this little computer of mine is stupid, thats all Im posting..
I know it looks like I live a great life, I take all these cool trps to lame places, go to concerts and dive bars in the middle of nowhere Kansas. But I put my pants on one leg at a time like the rest of you.
I also met a friend of mine there whom baked me some cookies which were damn good! We ate at a Mexican place where both my girls refused to eat at.
Thats how I roll!
Im getting closer and closer to moving out of this shit for saken state..But thats all i am going to say right now..
Im on a mission to get out of here.
Oh and I was offered a job in kansas..maybe, just maybe I will take it.
its workin cornors every other weekend, but its a gig right?
Thats all folks..

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

on bother

Yes I realize its been a coons age since I was here. I was on vacation give a girl a fuckin break will ya!

I got back last week, and have been trying to get my crap figured out. Because when you are gone for a few weeks, your crap tends to get un-figured, or something..I dont know.

I got my braces put on last week, and holy shit...thats all I can say...holy shit..

any questions?

I am still grieving over the loss of one Michael Jackson. WHY? I have no fucking idea. But it bothers me more than anything. Put a fork in me, I'm done!

This is just a warning, don't put me in a room alone with the man who killed him, cause one of us will be dead and one will be in just sayin..

Sure in a way Michael did it to himself, but Conrad Murray being a doctor and all was suppose to PROTECT him, not kill him! All these people enabled him and it sickens me to no end! You don't give a drug addcit anestisia to go to sleep!..or anyone for that matter...what a fucking idiot!

No one helped him. Michael wrote many songs about his drug addictions, he was crying for help and yet no one gave a shit!

If you have never heard the song Morphine, I suggest you go to youtube and find it...Boo and I love this song because it kicks ass!..but it is very sad!

someone needs to pay for what they did to him!

Music means more to me than just about anything other than my family. I am always listening, dancing or singing something..always!

I had a specail kinda bond with him...and um no you asshats, he didnt molest me.

But its something I cant even explain...and now he is gone..never to be seen again!

and I'm pissed..

ok..moving on sonsaguns..

I went to my Def Leppard show with my girlfriend Kim..boy did we have the best flipping are some pics..


I also took my tots to the county is a pic of the kids and I..

dont we look all wholesome? Kinda like you ripped that picutre out of a Parents magazine..

My computer is being a total douche bag right now...

anyway, thats us at the county fair...just like Charletts Web, Minus Charlotte, Some Pig, Fern and Templeton.

I'm going to Kansas next Friday..the fam and I are going on a road trip to see the pal that moved out there...

You know how much I love those damn road trips.

What else was I going to say?

hell, i don't even know!

The tots are growing like weeds on a cold summer day...

yes i saw cold cause its been as shitty ass summer here.

The Boy has braces now..him and I look like douches together..

thats how we roll!